Downtown kids book store adds manager

Photo provided to the Times Observer Deena Winters has been selected as the manager for Kids Town Books, an offshoot of the non-profit Free Books for Kids Town. The store is located at Warren Antiques, 306 Second Ave.

The only children’s book store in the region has a new manager.

It’s part of the local non-profit Free Books for Kids Town.

“Kids Town Books is located in Warren Antiques at 306 Second Ave. in downtown Warren,” non-profit founder Ruby Wiles said.

She said Deena Winters has been appointed as the new bookstore manager.

“It is small, but the selection is wide,” Wiles said, noting it marks “the only children’s bookstore for 75 miles.”

All proceeds from book sales will be rolled back into Free Books for Kids Town efforts.

“We are so pleased to have someone as talented and committed as Deena to serving our community wit the best and widest selection of children’s books,” Wiles said. “If you have been in the store lately, you can see her leadership and passion.

Our goal is to provide our community with the opportunity to browse wonderful books. My family loves bookstores. We want Warren to be a most special place for children. The bookstore adds to what our community already has.”


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