Vietnam Era Veterans who signed up for Thursday’s ceremony:

Daniel Albaugh (N); Zane Albright (AF); Gabriel Alvino (A); Charlie Andracki (A); Steve Arnold (N); Irvin Bailey (N); Raymond Baine (N); Chuck Barone (M); David Baxter (AF); and David Benson (A).

Gary Bjorkquist (AF); Brad Bogart (A); Richard Bower (A); Todd Briggs (M); Lanea Brooker (N); Dennis Brown (A); Jim Bryce (M); William Bugbee (N); Robert Bunting (A); and Joseph Carrington (M).

David Cassidy (AF); Richard Cedarquist (N); Richard Clark (N/M); Elmer Collins Jr. (A); Andrew Confer (M); Donald Corey (A); Bruce Cowan (M); Ronald Cracker (A); Rich Crawford (N); and Larry Dalrymple (M).

Denny Davis (M); Donald Deppen (AF); James Depto (AF); John Dickey (AF); Tom Dunfee (A); David Dunham (A); Lee Dunkle (A); Blair Edmiston (M/N); Madeline Edwards (A); and James Egger (N).

Tom Fadale (A); Ronnie Fehlman (A); Charles Froman (A); Robert Gates (A); Tim Gerus (N); Thomas Giegerich (A); Ray Goetz (A); Bob Groetzinger (N); Rich Gruber (A); Kevin Hall (N); and Robert Hansen (A).

Robert Hansen (M); Donald Hardy (N); Dr. John Harrington (AF); Don Hart (A); Jonathon Hart (A); Neil Himber (A); Steve Hoden (A); Douglas Hoffman (M); Charles Hollingshead (A); and James Houghtling (N).

Donald Hulings Jr. (A); Duane Hultberg (M); Jack Inman (M); George Jashurek (N); Jerry Jesperson (AF); Larry Jespersen (AF); David Johnson (N); Donna Johnson (N); Edward Johnson (N); and David Jones (N).

Dale Jukes (M); Edward Kaminski (A); Marlene Kay (M); James Kitelinger (N); Kenneth Klakamp (A); Arden Knapp (A); Carolyn Knight (A); Ken Knopf (A); Thomas Kollar (M); William Kramer (A); and Wayne Larson (M).

Leslie Lindemuth (A); Jim Lopez (A); Samuel Lore (A); Larry Loughlin (A); Jim Lynch (N); John Lyon (A); Robert Mahan (N); Joseph Marino (N); Joby McAulay (A); and John McCauley (M).

Robert McClain (N); James McMillen (A); Richard McWilliams (A); Ken Mechling (A); John Meleen (A); Bruce Messerly (AF); David Miller (A); Michael Miller (AF); Paul Minugh (A); and Don Moore (N).

Richard Moore (A); Roland Morosetti (N); Carl Morrison (AF); Homer Morrison (AF); Joe Morrison (A); Ronald Morrison (M); John Natale Jr. (A); Paul Natale (M); and Robert Nearing (A).

George Nelson (M); Jim Newton (AF); Jerome Nowacinski (A); Jerry Nuhfer (AF); Donald Parker (M); Brian Peterson (AF); Thomas Petty (N); Jack Pierce (M); Paul Reed (AF/N); and Robert Reed (A).

Richard Reiff (A); Ron Rickerson (A); Dennis Rock (M); Willard Rogerson (N); Richard Rossman (N); Joe Salapek (A); Kevin Salapek (M); Les Sanford (A); Dennis Schrecengost (A); James Schreiber (A); and John Schutt (A).

David Sedon (A); Ed Seebeck (N); Tom Sekelsky (A); Tommy Seth (A); Donald Shinn (N); Donald Smith (M); Allan Sowers (A); Otto Stablein (N); Dave Stanko (M); and J.B. Statom (A).

Harry Steele (A); Leland Stillson (AF); Lee Stotler (M); Donald Streich (AF); Dale Swaney (N); Bradley Swanson (N); Randall Swanson (AF); Ed Tack (M); Blake Thomas (M); and Jerry Thomas (A).

Joseph Thorpe (N); Gary Tipton (A); Gilbert Trask (A); Leslie Trumbull (A); Bill Tudor (M); John Tutmaher (A); Harry Walters (AF); Pat Walters (A); Darlene Wawrejko (A); John Webster (M); Jay Wheeler (N); James Whyte (M); Earl Wilcox (A); and Ken Williams (A).

Lawrence Willis (AF); Richard Wilson (N); Steve Wilson (AF); Dudley Wineriter (A); Dale Wolfe (A); Bruce Yeagle (A); John Young (AF); Andrew Yurick (A); Ken Zigler (N); and David Zock (A).


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