Marriage Licenses

Aug. 5:

Ortega M. Christopher, Warren, and Kimberly M. Greeley, Warren

Justin T. Demontier, Knoxville, Tn., and Meghan L. Hagberg, Knoxville, Tn,

Aug. 6

Jacob L. Lauffenberger, Youngsville, and Hailee M. Graham, Youngsville

Jonah J.D. Samuelson, Russell, and Shannon C. Kellog, Sugar Grove

Daniel F. Banko, Jr., Warren, and Alexandra N. Chew, Warren

Aug. 11

Eric L. Fahey, Corry, Pa., and Keona S. Stinedurf, Corry

Colbin B. Constable, Warren, and Taryn J. Phillips, Warren

Steven J. Sowa, Youngsville, and Sheri L. McCarthy, Erie

Aug. 12:

Tanner W. Rosenberg, Russell, and Devon E. Scalise, Franklin, Pa.

Daniel P. Yarnall, Warren, and Lisa A. Kibbey, warren

Aug. 13:

Ryan M. Frontera, Corry, Pa., and Kelsie A. Ellsworth, Corry, Pa.

Aug 16:

Seth A. Johnson, New Castle, Pa., and Lea E. Drake, New Castle, Pa.

Aug. 17:

Terry L. Crossley, Panama, NY, and Heather L. York, Sugar Grove

George W. Mead III, Youngsville, and Tori S. Prenatt, Youngsville

Jacob R. Marshall, Warren, and Keyah M. Anderson, Warren

Aug. 18:

Shane W. Rosenfelder, Warren, and Katherine I. White, Warren

William H. Dore, Jr., Bear Lake, and Taylor A. Klark, Bear Lake

Aug. 19:

Adam D. Spelling, Corry, Pa., and Ariel E.L. Samlock, Corrie, Pa.

Aug 20:

Tyler C. Thompson, Warren, and Nicole D. McClelland, Warren

Joshua S. Oswalt, Tiona, and Lindsay L. Hansen, Warren

Adrianus M. Wagemans, Pittsfield, and Kathleen S. Chappel, Pittsfield

Raymond P. Maybray, Warren, and Danielle S. Vaughn, Warren

Matthew J. Wielobob, Warren, and Janesa A. Bugg, Warren

Christopher A. Polk, Warren, and Linda L. Vinopal, Warren

Aug. 23

Zachary D. Anderson, Clarendon, and Sophia C. Riley, Clarendon

James D. Duke, Chardon, Oh., and Justine M. Sherry, Chardon, Oh.

Aug. 25:

Timothy J. Butler, Bradford, Pa., and Rebecca J.A. Dunmire, Youngsville

Scott M. Saporito, Youngsville, and Zarah A. Prayz, Youngsville

Aug. 30:

Jericho L. Tremblay, Clarendon, and Brianna N. Farren, Clarendon

Aug. 31:

Santo P. Damico, Warren, and Katherine M. Richards, Warren


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