Schools won’t close based on case numbers

Warren County School District is no longer under orders to close schools when there are a certain number of cases of COVID in them.

Earlier this month, Sheffield schools were closed for two days. That closure was mandated under the agreement the district had with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Since the end of November, in order to continue to offer in-person education, the district had to enter into that agreement and follow the state’s terms.

As of Monday, things have changed.

Superintendent Amy Stewart published a video on Monday explaining that that agreement is no longer required because the department classified Warren County as an area of less than significant transmission of COVID-19.

“Since November, we have been designated as substantial,” Stewart said. For the last two weeks, the state put Warren County in the moderate category.

“Last week, we got designated as moderate for the second week in a row,” she said. “That two consecutive weeks of moderate removes us from having to administer those targeted closures. This is going to put things back into our control.”

That said, the district isn’t just going to keep the schools open no matter what.

“We are going to follow our health and safety plan,” Stewart said. “We will do the right thing and close down if we believe that is the right thing to do.”


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