Suffrage group meets

Germaine Broussard, illustrations editor of The Keynoter Magazine –Journal of the American Political Items Conservators, spoke at the July 30 meeting of the Suffrage Centennial Group.

She has powerpoint presentations, personal collection of memorabilia from political campaigns including pictures, actual textile, and ceramic household items, political buttons, ribbon, historical facts, etc. of the era.

Discussion included ideas of enhancing school classroom studies of that era, offering special community program, community exhibits, and field trips to historical places.

She shared The Keynoter – Journal of the American Political Items Conservators’ Summer/Fall/Winter 2008, Vol- 2008, Number 2-4 — Women’s Suffrage: Special Triple Issue, with 146 pages of pictures and information on the suffrage era. She can be contacted for programs and materials at watrwitch@erols.com, or (571) 565-3999. The local contact is Fay Crowe at 723-4590 for more details. A special community event relating to the suffrage movement is at 6 p.m. Aug. 15 at the Wilder Museum Irvine with Traci Langworthy from Jamestown Community College portraying local suffragette Elnora Monroe Babcock born in Freehold Township, Warren County (1852-1934) who was a teacher in Sugar Grove and then resided in Chautauqua County, N.Y.

On Sept. 10, a professional rein actress, Christina Rausa of Rausa Productions, will be portraying Susan B. Anthony at the Struthers Library Theatre for the public’s enjoyment.

Details of both events are available at the Warren County Historical Society.

The centennial group is developing a display of posters, memorabilia, books, DVD, historical pictures such as the Justice Bell that toured Warren County. Business, centers, and libraries can contact Beverly Leonhardt at the Reference Room of the Warren Public Library or Phyllis Wright at 726-1198 for its use.

Persons are asked to nominate past and current notable women of Warren County for future programming. Contact Jennifer Bliss at (814) 730-2488.

Nursing homes, senior centers, etc. are encouraged to collect stories from residents of their mothers and grandmothers, who may have been involved in the Women’s Right to Vote movement or stories of first time voting; and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this historic U.S. Constitution 19th Amendment.