Hill & Dale Garden Club hosts flower show

Sherry Walter

The Hill & Dale Garden Club met Wednesday, June 28, for lunch, with dishes provided by members and dessert of angel food cake and strawberries or blueberries by the committee of Lila Myer, Sally Asbury, Muriel Redick and other helpers.

Since this was the annual Flower Show, flowers were to be entered by 11 a.m.

Eleanor Johnson opened the meeting at noon and Yvonne Lee did devotions and talked about salt and friends. Secretary Peg Stino took attendance, then read meeting notes from last month meeting, Northern Area Home Planter was done by Audrey, Eleanor and Donna Lundmark.

Treasurer Carol Eckert gave the treasurers report, and the sunshine fund was given by Ruth Ann DeVore

Eleanor Johnson has a print-out for the picnic with Warren Garden Club at noon on July 20 at Betts Park. Reservations are to be made by July 7, at a cost of $10.

Garden Therapy at the Rouse was done on June 19, with 12 members helping the residents with their flower arrangements. Donna Pierce provided flowers.

Ruth Ann stated she has sent in exhibit information for the flower show at the Warren County Fair.

Eleanor turned it over to Sally Asbury and Donna Pierce, who had done the judging for the Flower Show, including:

Section 1 – African Violet – 1st place – Ruth Ann DeVore

Section 2 – Ivy – 1st place – Ruth Ann DeVore

Section 3 – Arrangements — 1st – Barb Gourley, 2nd – Linda Feather, 3rd – Muriel Redick

Cut Flowers – 1st – Pauline Baron, 2nd – Eleanor Johnson

Section 4 – Plants – 1st – Jade plant – Sherry Walter, also got “Best of Show”, 2nd – Gloria Cardone, Honorable Mention – Yvonne Lee

The challenge with the zinnias or marigolds only got two entries; 1st – Ruth Ann DeVore, 2nd – Linda Feather.

At this time, the program was turned over to Billy and Sharon Hughes, who talked about how Oneita Devore — a long-time member of the club — told Sharon she would make her a gardener. Well, Sharon says it didn’t happen, and they both thought it was funny that they were asked to speak to the group since neither of them are into gardening.

They talked about how their parents were both into gardening although they lived in the city. June 28 is their 42nd anniversary. A Welcome sign with plant was given to them.

They told how they became Free Methodist and got into the ministry, ultimately coming to Sugar Grove and have been here 22 years in August.


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