All smiles at The Salvation Army

Smiles are a sign of community. You might walk past a complete stranger on the sidewalk, or in the grocery store, or in a department store and their smile comforts you with the thought of friendship and community. This is exactly what the United Fund of Warren County and its 20 agencies want to convey as we reach out to our neighbors in our 2014 Torchlight Campaign. We want to see those smiles in our county.

Sadly there are those who feel they have nothing to smile for as they live in our county. Hard times, unemployment, medical problems, and the like plague some maybe even your neighbor or family member. Our mission at The Salvation Army is to help bring smiles to families who are having this sort of problem. We work to brighten the lives of those in Warren County with help that meets their physical needs: utilities, rent, emergency lodging, water bills, food, and other items that might be needed by families in our neighborhoods. We partner with the United Fund and other agencies to help those in need.

Our Cobham Youth Program helps families with After School programs and summer Day Camp during the year. Our youth clubs bring children from school to help them with good choices and friendship.

We partner with groups to provide meals for those in need Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for lunch, and Wednesday for supper. We have a clothing bank that finds clothing for families in need.

All of this is done to help our community and to bring the smiles back to faces that are in need. We could never do what we do without your contributions to the Torchlight Campaign. Please give generously as we work together to meet the needs of people in Warren County.