Marriage License Applications:

August 9, 2018

Dennis Shelby Callahan, Warren, and Heather Arlene Power, Franklin

August 10, 2018

Nathan Paul Wright, Grand Valley, and Krystal Marie Blue, Grand Valley


Douglas Norman Swatsworth, Russell, and Melissa Martina Meley, Russell

August 14, 2018

Kyle-Juquinn Dakota Small, Jamestown, N.Y., and Breanna Marie Crawford, Jamestown, N.Y.


Benjamin James Newton, Warren, and Kristi Lynn Payne, Warren


William Robert Griffin, Warren, and Jamie Lynn Thompson, Warren

August 15, 2018

Jeremiah Kayne Nixon, Ashville, N.Y., and Kortney Danielle Carlson, Ashville, N.Y.

August 16, 2018

Kyle Andrew Graham, Warren, and Nikki Sue Hamm, Warren

August 17, 2018

James Patrick English, Warren, and Jody Lynn Gardner, Sugar Grove

August 20, 2018

Thomas Allan Raleigh, II, Warren, and Heather Jeannette Williams, Warren

August 22, 2018

Zachary Knight Wilcox, Warren, and Angel Dawn Olson, Warren

August 24, 2018

Tyler Michael Settelmaier, Elrama, Pa., and Alyssa Cathryn Rough, Jamestown, N.Y.

August 27, 2018

John Robert Berdine, Sugar Grove, and Scotty Lee, Sugar Grove


Aypek Mehmet, Warren, and Meltem Guvenc, Warren

August 30, 2018

Justin Levi Benjamin, Mayville, N.Y., and Rachel Lynn Palmer, Mayville, N.Y.

August 31, 2018

Scott Benjamin Curry, Warren, and Melissa Gay Becker, Warren


Gregory James Mitchell, Warren, and Denyse Noleta Pire, Warren

September 4, 2018

Timothy James Soliwoda, Corry, and Lauren Elizabeth Munsee, Corry


William Henry Lank, Sugar Grove, and Sonya Ann Steiner, Warren

September 7, 2018

Benjamin Willian Clevenger, Warren, and Kristin Jean Patrick, Hermitage, Pa.


Jeffrey Allen Sopher, Youngsville, and Tracy Lee Martin, Youngsville


Larri Levi Faul, Jr., Sheffield, and Morgan Elizabeth Smith, Sheffield

September 10, 2018

Collin Daniel Eyler, Sugar Grove, and Devyn Leigh Phillips, Jamestown, N.Y.


Ryan Timothy Card, Spring Creek, and Tessa Elizabeth Rehe, Spring Creek


Logan Scott Head, Bear Lake, and Lauren Taylor Blanco, Bear Lake


Brett John Weilacher, Pittsfield, and Jessica Lynn Wencil, Pittsfield

September 12, 2018

Adam Matthew Green, Pittsfield, and Jessie Renee Adams, Pittsfield


Joshua Charles Woodward, Spring Creek, and Allyson Paige Parker, Spring Creek


Matthew Richard Fehlman, Youngsville, and Kristin Lynn Bosko, Youngsville

September 14, 2018

Derek Andrew Edling, Warren, and Brandi Rae Cooper, Warren


Billy Lee McGurk, Tiona, and Donna Lee Antill, Tiona


Travis Braden Winans, Sugar Grove, and Kearsten Jean Maine, Sugar Grove


Michael Vincent Montecalvo, Warren, and Victoria Ann Straub, Warren

September 21, 2018

Corey Devon Gregory, Corry, and Emily Anne Morton, Corry


Kelson Jaymez Mitchell, Kane, and Amanda Noelle Earnest, Kane

September 24, 2018

Jebediah Robinson, Tidioute, amd Jaclyn Amber McMillen, Tidioute

September 25, 2018

David Lee Craig, Tidioute, and Christina Frances Haswell, Tidioute

September 26, 2018

James Gregory Petrush, II, Las Vegas, Nev., and MaryAnne Kathleen Beardsley, Las Vegas, Nev.

October 1, 2018

Timothy James Spilka, Jr., Russell, and Kellie Marie Boleratz, Russell

October 2, 2018

Jason Ryan Johnson, Titusville, and Amanda Lynn Hicks, Titusville

October 5, 2018

Sylas Grier Cameron, Warren, and Grace Garnett King, Warren


Matthew Louis Stover, Sheffield, and Jaimie Kellie Madigan, Sheffield

October 9, 2018

Jessie Michael Barto, Frewsburg, N.Y., and Bobbie Jean Schwartz, Frewsburg, N.Y.


Anthony Worgan, Sugar Grove, and Jaylyn Noelle Orwig, Sugar Grove


Thane Jeffrey Heacox, Warren, and Summer Jo Bednar, Warren


Bradley Edward Chase, Russell, and Danielle Beckman, Russell

October 10, 2018

Nathan David Lang, Warren, and Samantha Jo Poston, Warren

October 11, 2018

Anthony Scott Richards, Clarendon, and Samantha Marie Dipenti, Clarendon


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