Marriage Licenses:

March 6, 2020

Chad E. Shattuck, Irvine, and Lisa L. Meals, Irvine


Andrew L. Durstine, Clarendon and Summer E. Branter, Clarendon

March 11, 2020

Travis L. Williams, Sugar Grove, and Joanne L. Scriven, Sugar Grove

March 13, 2020

Tony C. Wright, Grand Valley, and Amber L. Staub, Grand Valley

March 17, 2020

Andy J. Byler, Sugar Grove, and Barbara D. Miller, Sugar Grove


David A. Yoder, Sugar Grove, and Ada E. Shetler, Pittsfield


Jennifer L. Olander, Warren, and Sylvania L.A. McFall, Warren

March 18, 2020

Steven C. Mcdonald, Warren, and Laura A. Fitch, Warren


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