Marriage Licenses

April 5: Michael A. Cooper, Clarendon, and Melissa L. Marfink, Clarendon; John A. Oharah, Newberry, In., and Fawn M. Burton, Youngsville; Jason E. Hale, Warren, and Bethiny M. Couse, Warren.

April 6: Anthony J. Wiler, Pittsfield, and Kaylea S. Shaffer, Pittsfield; Jennie M. Stark, Walkerton, In., and Cheyenne J. Stockdale, Walkerton, In.

April 10: Mark A. Saporito, Jr., Warren, and Gabrielle M. Rogus, Warren.

April 11: Joseph A. Byler, Sugar Grove, and Clara E. Miller, Sugar Grove.

April 14: Shane H. Swartz, Warren, and Yvonne R. Wonsettler, Warren; Stephen D. Beattie, Columbus, and Larissa L. Riker, Columbus; Thomas A. Levine, Warren, and Crystal J. Skeates, Warren; Thomas A. Niles, Warren, and Heather M. Battko, Warren.

April 17: Travis J. Whippo, Warren, and Hillery A. Berggren, Warren.

April 18: Andrew G. Myer, Sugar Grove, and Elizabeth G. Satterfield, Sugar Grove; Perry L. Wenzel, Russell, and Joanna S. Saxton, Russell.

April 25: Kahl J. Minnis, Warren, and Sarah M. James, Warren; William T. Bunk, III, Warren, and Casey L. Farbacher.

April 28: Morgan M. McIntire, Mentor, Oh., and Jessica L. Hounshell, Mentor, Oh.; Donald F. Foote, III, Warren, and Haven L. Arnold-Cashmere, Warren; Scott W. Wagner, Warren, and Ashley A.M. Cobb, Warren; Mark W. Helsinki, Clarendon, and Kelsi N. Anderson, Warren; Dalton J. Abrams, Grand Valley, and Alivia A. Messenger, Youngsville.


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