Marriage Licenses…

April 1, 2019

Daniel L. Matha, Youngsville, and Cheyenne K. Rounds, Youngsville

April 8, 2019

Chad Thomas, Newville, Pa., and Anne L. Hecht, North East, Pa.


Brandon M. Hostovich, Warren, and Crystal R. Yeskey, Warren

April 9, 2019

Curtis S. Bowley, Sheffield, and Dena M. McKarski, Youngsville

April 10, 2019

Courtney L. Baxter, Warren, and Angelina D. Babb, Warren

April 11, 2019

Jack R. Bergquist, Warren, and Cassadi J. Smiley, Warren

April 12, 2019

Daniel E. Uber, Sugar Grove, and Jill Labowski, Sugar Grove

April 15, 2019

Timothy D. Holman, Jr., Warren, and Tiffany N. Kaniewski, Warren

April 17, 2019

Nathan J. Lindstrom, Warren, and Sabrina A. Spencer, Warren

April 22, 2019

Craig W. Sandt, Pittsfield, and Rebecca L. Klakamp, Pittsfield

April 24, 2019

Scott M. McMeans, Warren, and Amy M. Leichtenberger, Warren

April 25, 2019

Samuel C. Rahal, North East, Pa., and Natalie J. Andersen, Warren


David J. Johnson, Warren, and Caszi M.N. Baker, Warren


Brett C. Stevens, Kane, and Karen L. Morse, Sugar Grove

April 26, 2019

Cory W. Blitz, Shelby Township, Mich.; and Stephanie M. Puckly, Shelby Township, Mich.


Shawn M. Harkins, Jr., Warren, and Melissa L. Thomson, Warren


Gavin J. Straight, Sugar Grove, and Tracy L. Funkhouser, Sugar Grove


Walter A. Elmquist, Sheffield, and Linda M. Mull, Jamestown, N.Y.

April 29, 2019

Lester R. Jukes, Jr., Warren, and Sarah J. McCullough, Warren


Kaitlin S. Brown, Dewittville, N.Y., and Lea M. Benedetto, Dewittville, N.Y.


Alexander C. Jesson, Youngsville, and Tierra C. Card, Youngsville

April 30, 2019

Brandon S. Stanley, Youngsville, and Jesica A. Bundy, Youngsville


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