Sugar Grove Life

Photo submitted to Times Observer Even when the small plow will not break through all the snow, Joey Bauer grabs his shovel and is on duty to clear all the sidewalks in the borough.

Thank You

Thank you Joey Bauer for keeping our Sugar Grove Borough sidewalks clean during all the winter snowstorms. You will find him up early before school plowing our sidewalks and we really appreciate it.

Book Club

The Sugar Grove Free Library Book Club Meeting will return this month on January 30th, Contact the local Library if you would like to obtain a copy of this month’s book and join the club.

Community Lunches

A community lunch will be held next Wednesday, January 18th at the Hessel Valley Lutheran Church in Chandlers Valley. Each month the community lunch is held on the 1st Friday of the month at the Mission Covenant Church at the corner of Matthews Run and Jackson Run Road.  On the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Sugar Grove United Methodist Church located at the corner of Race Street and Jamestown Street in the center of town.  On the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Hessel Valley Lutheran Church located in Chandlers Valley.  All lunches begin at 11:30 a.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.

The Force of Reading

“p1″>The “Force” is flowing strong at Eisenhower Elementary School. The accelerated reader program is used to motivate reading. Students have the opportunity to read stories and take quizzes to check their comprehension and earn points. These points to help the children achieve several awards. Teachers set individual goals for the students to read for classroom celebrations that take place every two months where they can earn popsicles, popcorn, ice cream, pizza, and movie celebrations. Students also can earn a position on the “wall of fame” when they earn enough points. This year the wall of fame has a Star Wars theme. Yoda would say, “Read a lot and on the wall of fame you will be!” If students earn 25 reading points they earn the  position of “Youngling“, 50 points they are a “Padawan“, 100 points they are a “Jedi Knight“, 200 points they are a “Jedi Master” and 350 points they are a “ Grand Master”.  Students have their name displayed on the Star Wars wall of fame and receive a certificate and a reading charm.

There’s also a Star reader program where students can be nominated by their teacher to be a Star reader. Students are nominated for various reasons choosing to read in their spare time meeting there accelerated reader goals showing reading improvement etc.  These students also get their name on the wall and receive a certificate, reading charm, and a prize. Keep reading everyone “May the force be with you”.

As of January 10th reaching Jedi Masters are Drew Mandeville and Alyssa Wismar. Reaching Jedi Knight are Drew Mandeville, Wylie VanOrd,  and Alyssa Wismar. Reaching Padawan are Katie Bunk, Grace Carr, Logan Degnan, Haley Eckman, Peyton Frank, Callan Gigliotti, Derek Guiher, Kaitlyn Guilford, Austin Hanson, Autumn Howick, Caleb Jakubczak, Camron Jakubczak, Tracey Jakubczak, Connor Lundmark, Drew Mandeville, Sophia Martin, Isaac Movny, Miranda Saunders, Shael Standley, Wylie VanOrd, Dylan Wilson, Alyssa Wismar. Reaching the level of Youngling are Andrew Allen, Jody Anderson, Andria Anderson, Robert Anderson, Miles Bayless, Grace Benson, Cricket Branstrom, Katie Bunk, Brandon Byrd, Grace Carr, Jaydon Chase, Samantha Childs, Nathan Ciprich, Braddock Damore, Kendra Danielson, Alexis Davis, Logan Degnan, Mason Degnan, Haley Eckman, Maxwell Enos, Alyssa Estes, Miranda Estes, Cassidy Ferino, Trinity Finch, Lainey  Font, Peyton Frank, Landon Frederes, Riley Gaffner,   Isabella Garcia, Julia Gesing, Callan Gigliotti,  Joseph Gigliotti, Derek Guiher, Kaitlyn Guilford, Addyson Hannold, Austin Hanson, Brandon Hartenstine, Meysin Haskins, Aiden Heubeck, Jesse Honsberger, Sloan Horner, Autumn Howick, Caleb Jakubczak, Camron Jakubczak, Tracey Jakubczak, Carter Jewell,  Peyton Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Emilie Jones, Jackson Jones, Robyn Knisley, Halle Kuzminski, Kahle Kuzminski, Malia Lincoln, Rebecca Little, Ariel Ludwick, Alex Lund, Connor Lundmark, Kaylee Lundmark, Drew Mandeville, Sophia Martin, Eryn McAleer, Karson McCollough, Shawn Miller, Isaac Mocny, Madelyn Morrison, Haley Mueller, Aaden Nichols, Cadee Ott, Shawn Pascuzzi, Rayden Perrett, Maxwell Peterson, Jason Rohlin, Adriana Rutsky, Miranda Saunders, Ciara Sherwood, Delana Smith, Carolyn Smyth, Meredith Smythe, Joel Sorrell, Shael Standley, Riley Stewart, Alison Taylor, Althea Uber, Wiley VanOrd, Sophia Wallace, Cadence Wallin, Jaydee Wilcox, Dylan Wilson, Liam Wilson, Saige Wilson, Alyssa Wismar, Kierra Wismar, Abraham Wolf, Solomon Wolf, Winnifred Wolf, Emily Youngberg.

Blood Drive

There will be an American Red Cross blood drive at the Lander Volunteer  Fire Department on Wednesday, January 28th from 4 PM to 8 PM. Please consider donating.