Peak Foliage

Warren’s Forests hit their Fall stride

Times Observer photo by Lorri Drumm

Leaves in the region continue to be near peak fall foliage.

DCNR Cornplanter District Forester Cecile Stelter discussed leaf colors with the City of Warren Street Landscape Committee on Tuesday.

Stelter said that the area has peaked in color “or is in the middle of that.”

She said the rain experienced on Tuesday would is “going to bring some down” but said she expects “good color for the next week or so.”

“Fall foliage is still getting a lot of attention and it brings people to the area because we have such beautiful forests,” she said. “Cloudy days (are) some of the best days to see fall foliage…. (There’s) something bright about the color.”

Committee chair Josie Gerardi noted that 51 trees are slated to be planted throughout the city later this month.

She noted that will result in “planting more than we’ve taken down, this is significant. That will be taking place later this month.”

Gerardi also noted that the committee is working on a tree booklet that features noteworthy trees in the city. She said it’s her hope to finalize and review the tree information at next month’s meeting.


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