Warren makes Toronto list of 10 stunning US cities

Times Observer file Photo An image similar to this Times Observer file photo of the Kinzua Dam is featured on the website StyleDemocracy.com in article featurung the Top Ten US cities within driving distance of Toronto.

One might not think of StyleDemocracy.com being the chief source of information about Warren County tourism, but the Warren County Visitors Bureau isn’t knocking it.

StyleDemocracy, out of Toronto, listed Warren Pennsylvania as one of its “10 Stunning U.S. Cities Within Driving Distance of Toronto.”

“The article is awesome — who we’re linked with,” Warren County Visitors Bureau Executive Director Dave Sherman said.

Joining Warren on the list are: Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, Mich.; Buffalo, Ithaca, Syracuse, and the Adirondacks, in New York; Toledo, Ohio; and Erie and Harrisburg.

Whether it’s StyleDemocracy, Google, or something else, people are looking for specific things. There is a certain segment that is looking for what Warren County offers.

StyleDemocracy lists Warren — the Allegheny National Forest — as a destination for a “peaceful setting” for camping, hiking, and water sports, and drops Kinzua Dam as a sightseeing opportunity.

“We have what they are looking for,” Sherman said of people who visit. “We have that conversation over and over again with people who come here.”

Most recently, Visitors Bureau personnel had that conversation with Zak and Katie.

The mountain bike enthusiasts from Ontario were looking to make a trip to the United States. Katie had never been outside of Canada and neither had been to a 4th of July celebration.

A Google search put Warren at the top of their list.

They reached out to the Visitors Bureau, got a bunch of additional information, and some incentives, and spent three days here.

Pieces like the one produced by StyleDemocracy come out every so often. When they do, they often drive traffic our way.

“We have what you’re looking for,” Sherman said. “Whether that’s the Allegheny River, or Jakes Rocks, or whatever. Come see us.”


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