Class of 2024

WCSHOF announces 11 inductees

Erin Bartsch
Donnie Beals
Hank Morrison
Andy Horn
Joe Letko
Elisha Jones-Kushner
Lee Chew
Lisa LaVan
Marlene Sandberg
Rick Allen
Dean Spiridon Jr.

This past Monday, the Warren County Sports Hall of Fame board of directors calculated the votes from the public voting member ballots. The board announced the Class of 2024 that will be inducted this August includes: Andy Horn, Dean Spiridon Jr., Donnie Beals, Elisha Jones-Kushner, Erin Bartsch, Hank Morrison, Lisa LaVan, Marlene Sandberg, Rick Allen, Joe Letko and Lee Chew. The Warren American Legion and the Warren County Special Olympics will also be inducted as honorable organizations. The board would like to thank all of the voting members that have helped make the ceremony possible via their monetary contributions. The board would also like to thank and honor the nominees that did not make it into the WCSHOF this time. The board would also like to thank the community of Warren County for their positive support of the WCSHOF.

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