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Dragons boys tennis captures Tri-County Championships in Sharon

Submitted Photo Warren Area High School’s boys tennis team poses for a photo after winning the Tri-County Team Championships on Wednesday at Buhl Park in Sharon.

SHARON — Warren’s boys tennis team won the Tri-County Team Championships on Wednesday at Buhl Park.

“This is always one of the highlights every season as every member of the team can participate and provide their squad points in the tournament,” said Warren coach Thomas Pellegrino. “Our depth is really what won us this thing this year — 25 out of 47 of our total team points were brought in by our JV players.”

The tournament is broken down into eight events which are 1-4 singles and 1-4 doubles.

At first singles, Abe Wolf was defeated by Meadville No. 1 in the first round, 5-8.

At second singles, Adam Strandburg started off his day with an 8-0 win over Sharon followed by an 8-3 victory over Grove City in the semis. In the final, he met up with Greenville where he fought hard but fell, 6-10, providing Warren with five team points.

At No. 3 singles, Carson Moore started off his day with an 8-2 victory over Oil City followed by an 8-2 victory over Hickory in the semis. In the final, Moore played Finn Butcher (from Greenville), who has a 14-0 record this season. Moore fell 0-10, providing Warren with five points.

Freshman Tobiah Reinard participated in the fourth singles event, grabbing a first-round win over Meadville, 8-0. In the semis, “T” had a nice battle with Sharon, but came up short in losing 6-8, providing Warren with three points.

At top doubles, the pair of Jack Lynds and Lucas Thrift won their first-round match 8-1 over Titusville, followed by an 8-1 victory over Greenville. In the finals, they got matched up against a strong pair from Grove City and were actually down 2-6 before storming back and winning eight games straight to pull off the 10-6 win to become champions, providing Warren with seven team points.

At second doubles, Brody Alexander and Ben Scott defeated Harborcreek 8-1 in round one, followed by an 8-4 win over Grove City in the semifinals. In the finals, they started off a bit slow and unfortunately were not able to catch up, falling to Hickory 6-10 and grabbing five points for Warren

The pair of Collin Ellis and Owen Baldensperger received a bye in the first round, then kicked off their day with an 8-4 win over Grove City. In the finals, they really turned up the heat and took down Greenville 10-3, providing Warren with seven team points.

The pair of Bill Bennett and Jack Napolitan had a great showing at this year’s fourth doubles tournament, making it all the way to the semifinals.

“We declared these two the comeback kings as, in all three matches they won, they were down big and managed to fight back and pull off the win,” said Pellegrino.

In the semifinals, they faced a fellow Warren team in Elliot Striker and Grady Corey, losing 2-8.

The pairs of Finn Ordiway and Josh Westover and Corey and Striker had an impressive tournament as they each took down four teams in advancing all the way to the finals.

“In the finals, the boys had to face one another and both took it seriously, making the match very tight and competitive,” said Pellegrino. “After a long battle, Grady and Elliot came out on top 10-7 over Josh and Finn.

“Our fourth doubles teams really took this thing home for us this year,” he said. “We entered three teams into the draw and all three of them made it all the way to the semifinals. That right there shows the depth of our program. From their efforts, we earned 15 total team points, which is what pushed us into first place over Greenville.”

Warren finished with 47 team points to Greenville’s 37 and Hickory’s 26.

“This was a great day of tennis and a fun end of regular season before the district events kick off this weekend and next week,” said Pellegrino. “We are very proud of how all of our boys played today and were happy to bring home a bunch of hardware.”

Warren will have a “light hit” today, he said, to prepare for the D10 singles tournament Saturday at the Westwood Racquet Club in Erie. Wolf, Strandburg, Moore and Lucas Thrift will be participating.


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