Eisenhower teams shine at invite and dual meet

Submitted photo From left are Eisenhower’s Emily Grosch, Lainey Font, Lexi Scholar and Laney Belcher, who comprised the second-place 4x400-meter relay at the Franklin Invitational on Saturday.

FRANKLIN — Highlighted by a fourth-place team finish, the Eisenhower girls track & field team turned in a fine effort at the Franklin Invitational on Saturday.

Those ending up with medals were the 4×400-meter relay of Emily Grosch, Laney Belcher, Lainey Font and Lexi Scholar, second place; Belcher in the 400 meters, second place; Emily Grosch in the 800 meters, second place; the 4×800-meter relay of Emily Grosch, Bryn Lindell, Izzy Grosch and Scholar, third place; Scholar in the 400 meters, third place; Rosalie Rondeau in the long jump, third place, and in the 200 meters, fifth place; Marissa Gourley in the 100-meter hurdles, fourth place, and the 300-meter hurdles, fifth place; and the 4×100 meter relay of Rondeau, Leah Morrison, Sophia Martin and Gourley, sixth place.

For the boys, Joe Mistetta and Joe Gigliotti medaled in two events apiece. Mistretta was second in both the 400 and 800 meters, while Gigliotti was fifth in the 1,600 and 3,200 meters.



RUSSELL — Eisenhower continued its momentum from the weekend by sweeping Union City three days later.

The girls prevailed 94-53, while the boys won 79-70.

Highlighting the victory for the Lady Knights were Hialeah Stanton and Marissa Grouley, who qualified for the districts in the pole vault and the 100-meter hurdles respectively.

For the boys, Case Seymour tripled in the high jump, long jump and triple jump; Joe Gigliotti doubled in the 1,600 meters and the 3,200 meters; and Joe Mistretta claimed the 400 meters and the 800 meters.


4X800m relay: E (Emily Grosch, Izzy Grosch, Lexi Scholar, Peyton Kellogg) 12:21.76

100 Hurdles: Marissa Gourley ( E), Kaylee Kramer UC 18:27

100m: Ava Reagle (UC), Sophia Martin ( E), Laney Belcher 13.56

1600m: Peyton Kellogg ( E), Izzy Grosch ( E), Kendyl Wade (UC) 6:16.40

4x100m relay: E (Sophia Martin, Leah Morrison, Marissa Gourley, Rosalie Rondeau) 56.82

400m: Ava Reagle (UC), Lexi Scholar (E ), Laney Belcher ( E) 1:03

300m Hurdles: Kaylee Creamer (UC), Marissa Gourley ( E) 53.07

800m: Emily Grosch (E ), Kendyl Wade (UC), Peyton Kellogg (E ) 2:42

200m: Ava Reagle ( UC), Laney Belcher ( E), Addy Hannold ( E) 30.81

3200m: Callie Delp ( E), Allie Anderson (UC), Kayleigh Brenner (UC) 14:59.25

4x400m relay: E (Emily Grosch, Laney Belcher, Lainey Font, Lexi Scholar) 4:39.41

Pole Vault: Sam Geer (UC), Hialeah Stanton ( E), Jania Hines (UC) 8’0

High Jump: Bryn Lindell ( E), Lainey Font ( E), Emily Grosch ( E) 4’5″

Long Jump: Jania Hines (UC), Sophia Martin (E ), Kaylee Creamer (UC) 13′ 7.5″

Triple Jump: Rosalie Rondeau ( E), Junia Hines (UC), Cassady Ferino ( E) 29′ 8.5″

Shot Put: Autumn Howick ( E), Kaliann Waite ( E), Dannica McChesney (UC) 25′ 3.5″

Discus: Maddie Morrison ( E), Autumn Howick ( E), Dannica McChesney (UC) 78’1″

Javelin: Tomcho (UC), Maddie Morrison ( E), Reily Lineman (UC) 71′ 5.5″

Hialeah Stanton qualified for Districts in the Pole Vault today.

Marissa Gourley qualified for districts in 100 Hurdles at Franklin Invite


4x800m relay: E (David Abadie, Joe Mistretta, Joe Gigliotti, Max Enos) 10:08.16

110 Hurdles: Clayton Laughry (UC), TJ McAulay (E ) 18.55

100m: Ryan Chambers ( E), Easton Fitzgerald ( E), Brady Blakeslee (UC) 12.22

1600m: Joe Gigliotti ( E), Jerrick Hunter (UC), Zachary Meyer (UC) 4:58

4x100m: E (Max Enos, Case Seymour, Easton Fitzgerald, Bryceton Wilkins) 50.73

400m: Joe Mistretta ( E), Brady Blakeslee (UC), Joseph Green (UC) 55.73

300m Hurdles: Clayton Laughery (UC), JE Unida ( E), TJ McAulay (E ) 52.22

800m: Joe Mistretta (E ), Jerrick Hunter (UC), Ryan Himrod (UC) 2:16.96

200m: Easton Fitzgerald ( E), Ryan Chambers ( E), Brady Blakeslee (UC) 26.4

3200m: Joe Gigliotti ( E), Jerrick Hunter (UC), Zachary Meyer (UC) 11:01.77

4x400m Relay: E (Joe Mistretta Bryceton Wilkins, Joe Gigliotti, Easton Fitzgerald) 4:02.09

Pole Vault: Lucas Myer (UC), Trent Parkhurst (UC), Bryceton Wilkins (E ) 12′

High Jump: Case Seymour ( E), Jackson Kibbe (UC), Caden Rangel (UC) 5’6″

Long Jump: Case Seymour (E ), Abdalla Fikiri (UC), Ryan Chambers (UC) 17’7″

Triple Jump: Case Seymour ( E), Caden Rangel (UC), Trent Parkhurst (UC) 37’5″

Shot Put: J. Pitutch (UC), Tucker Pike (UC), Joel Sorrell (E ) 41’10”

Discus: J. Pitutch (UC), Joel Sorrell ( E), Tucker Pike (UC) 114’3″

Javelin: D. Dylon (UC), Abdalla Fikiri (UC), Trent Parkhurst (UC) 128’11”


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