Coed softball

Week 1 results

Grumpy’s/Spray Foam Solutions 14, Whole Health Chiropractic-Timber Rattlers 1; Blue Collar Outdoors USA 18, Uncrustables 1; BHHS Regional Realty 9, United Refining/IPC 7; Betts 28, Darr Snowplowing 1; Hickory Creek Brewing Co. 21, Keystone United 19; The Nobodies 23, McKissock Madness 8.

Standings: Betts 1-0; BHHS Regional Realty 1-0, Blue Collar Outdoors USA 1-0; Grumpy’s/Spray Foam Options 1-0; Hickory Creek Brewing Co. 1-0; The Nobodies 1-0; Darr Snowplowing 0-1, Keystone United 0-1; McKissock Madness 0-1; Uncrustables 0-1; United Refining/IPC 0-1; Whole Health Chiropractic-Timber Rattlers 0-1.

Home run leaders: Nate Betts, Hickory Creek Brewing, two; Casey Vincent, BHHS Regional Realty; Hunter Geckle, BHHS Regional Realty; Brendan Winslow, Blue Collar Outdoors USA; Jake Sleasman, Blue Collar Outdoors USA; Derrick Harper, Blue Collar Outdoors USA; Braiden Blair, Blue Collar Outdoors USA; Matt Slatzer, Grumpy’s/Spray Foam Options; Logan Triscutt, Grumpy’s/Spray Foam Options; Johnny McQuillan, Hickory Creek Brewing; Dylan McNeal, The Nobodies; Konnor Hoffman, United Refining/IPC, all with one.

Week 2 schedule: Foley, 6:30 p.m., United Refining/IPC vs Darr Snowplowing; 7:45 p.m. Betts vs Blue Collar Outdoors USA; 9 p.m., Grumpy’s

Spray Foam Options vs. Keystone United.

Betts, 6:30 p.m., Uncrustables vs The Nobodies, 7:45 p.m. BHHS regional Realty vs. Whole Health Chiropractic-Timber Rattlers; 9 p.m., Hickory Creek Brewing Co. vs McKissock Madness.


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