Bowling leagues

Cindy Reasbeck’s 191-528 led the Ladies Church League at Valley Bowling Center on Wednesday.

Pat Joy rolled a 174-487, followed by Sonja Couse (166-471) and Deb Brewster (158-459).


Alex Johnson smashed a 256-268-227-751 to lead the Red Nutz Rolloff League at Valley Bowling Center.

Matt White turned in a 247-697, followed by Cody Vincent (244-693), Rob Stockton (289-690), Joe Yaegle (253-685), Alan Felmlee (244-654), Casey Vincent (248-640), Austin Fitzgerald (221-610), Mike Fuhrman (235-606), Joe Letendre (219-602), Matt Dunn (202-574) and Ben Mueller (195-572).


Dale Johnson’s 177-234-190-691 paced the Daybreakers League at Valley Bowling Center on Feb. 12.

Paul Bobelak had a 199-213-567, followed by Jed Kepple (245-221-515), Judy Rapp (182-476), Cindy Reasbeck (194-469) and Donna McDonald (185-160-460).

This past Monday, Johnson led the way with a 290-248-208-656 and Jim Swearingen had a 176-215-222-613.

Jeff Trohoski spun a 193-190-204-587, followed by Kepple (203-201-181-585), Marge Peters (181-178-504), Cheri Wolfgang (169-468) and Deb Notoro (176-460).


Beverly Fox’s 223-541 led the D&L Enos Milling & Tire Services League on Tuesday at Valley Bowling Center.

Lynn Olsen followed Fox with a 184-490, Cindy Reasbeck had a 169-489, Michelle Enos had a 168-486, Melissa Rich drilled a 215-473 and Anne Wagner had a 200-463.


Joe Yaegle crushed a 226-675 during Rusted Nutz Garage League action at Valley Bowling Center.

Josh Faster had a 222-584 and Mark Stewart cracked a 211-583.


Cindy Reasbeck’s 192-530 led the Youngsville Ladies League at Valley Bowling Center.

Amy Willsie had a 210-515, Candy Vinopal rolled a 179-501 and Cheri Wolfgang had a 183-464.


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