Trap leagues

In the second week of the Warren County Trap League, Pine Grove downed Kalbfus 342-331; Tididoute topped Sugar Grove 341-329; Brokenstraw upended Corry 338-333; and Sheffield had a 315 on its bye week.

Perfect 50s were recorded by Dutch Davies, Brian Mitchell, Sean Spencer and Ed Pennington. Ayden Bailor shot his first 25 straight.

Bailor of Tidioute was the high junior; Connor Loomis of Kalbfus was the high sub junior with a 44; Katie Kanyuck of Tidioute, Ashley Gurdak of Brokenstraw and Chiyo Grant of Sheffield were the high ladies; Kev Sturzenbecker and Bob Gray of Pine Grove were the high veterans; Bill Congdon of Pine Grove was the high senior veteran; and Ray Lee of Pine Grove, Jack Kostkas of Tidioute and Ed Wurst of Brokenstraw were the high super senior veterans.

Pine Grove: Dutch Davies 50, Bill Congdon 49, Kev Sturzenbecker 49, Bob Gray 49, Ray Lee 49, Kim MIlford 48, Jerry Martin 48

Kalbfus: Brady Carl 49, Chuck Gern 48, Blake Ristau 48, Jim Nowacki 47, Otto Carl 47, Matt Loomis 46, Doug Gray 46

Tidioute: Brian Mitchell 50, Sean Spencer 50, Ayden Bailor 49, Jack Kostkas 49, Joel Stewart 49, Ken Anderson 47, John Kanyuc 47

Sugar Grove: Elijah Trawick 49, Reed Johnson 48, Randy Lineman 48, Sheldon Battle 47, Ron Trawick 46, Kevin Niclas 46, Ron Harmon 45

Brokenstraw: Dale Johnson 49, Ed Wurst 49, Jared Hanna 49, CJ Jones 49, Robbin Weaver 48, Art Luther 47, John McCanna Jr. 47

Corry: Jaxon Gray 49, Harold LInden 48, Shawn Mitchell 48, Ken Berkhouse 47, Logan Muir 47, Gary Casler 47, Derek Mitchell 47

Sheffield: Ed Pennington 50, Gary McLaughlin 47, Chiyo Grant 46, Mike Smith Jr. 45, Rich Pierson 43, Liam Smaroff 42, Mike Smith Sr. 42


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