Youngsville’s Hogg ‘sad six years … is over’

Submitted Photo Youngsville’s Jake Hogg was named a Region 4 first-team all-star in two events.

Youngsville graduate Jake Hogg already misses it.

“Honestly, just seeing everyone and now that it’s over, I’ve been reminiscing,” said Hogg, a three-time District 10 champion in the high jump who is fresh off a silver medal at states. He holds the school record at 6 feet, 10 inches. Oh, and he’s the record-holder in the triple jump as well.

Now, he’s been named Region 4 Athlete of the Year, based on submissions by the region’s coaches — an award he’d likely give back for another year.

“I’m more than happy how it went,” he said. “It’s just sad six years of middle and high school track is over.”

Hogg wasn’t the only first-team all-region all-star from Youngsville’s boys’ team. In addition to Hogg’s accolades in high jump and triple jump, sophomore Blake Myers was named first-team in long jump.

For Eisenhower, also in Region 4, first-team all-stars included junior Alex Hummel in the 800 meters.

The 400-meter relay team of senior Tyson Morrison, sophomore Keegan Eckstrom, senior Darren Glotz and senior Caleb Robinault; and 3,200-meter relay team of senior Matthew Cathcart, senior Ethan Kellogg, Morrison and Hummel were also named to the first team.

Eisenhower’s second-team all-stars included: Robinault in the 200 meters; Hummel, 400 meters; Hummel, Glotz, Cathcart and Robinault, 1,600-meter relay; sophomore Ryan Miller, triple jump; Morrison, pole vault; and sophomore Benji Bauer, shot put.

In Region 3, champion Warren’s first-team all-stars — both underclassmen — included: junior Ben White, 200 meters; and freshman Parker Shene, triple jump.

The second team includes: White in the 100 meters; sophomore Holden Creal, 110-meter hurdles; sophomore Ethan Best, 300-meter hurdles; the 400-meter relay of junior Aidan Sibits, Best, Shene and White; the 1,600-meter relay of Best, junior Arik Allen, junior Ricky Madril and freshman Hugh Harrison; the 3,200-meter relay of sophomore Jack Seyler, sophomore Corban Reinard, Harrison and junior Graham Carr; and Shene in the long jump.



100: Levi Tasker, Corry, jr.

200: Ben White, Warren, jr.

400: Bryce Maleski, Corry, sr.

800: Bryce Maleski, Corry, sr.

1,600: Magnum Vincent, Franklin, sr.

3,200: Magnum Vincent, Franklin, sr.

110 hurdles: Cade Adams, Franklin, sr.

300 hurdles: Cade Adams, Franklin, sr.

400 relay: Corry – David Parrett (so.), Levi Tasker (jr.), Jeremy Saurwein (so.), Landen Weis (sr.)

1,600 relay: Corry – Jake Blake (sr.), Brady Steele (jr.), Bryce Maleski (sr.), Landen Weis (sr.)

3,200 relay: Oil City – Jack Mumford (fr.), Dylan Lux (sr.), Dom Guiste (sr.), Cam Weller (so.)

Triple jump: Parker Shene, Warren, fr.

Long jump: Khalon Simmons, Meadville, so.

High jump: Landen Weis, Corry, sr.

Pole vault: Jacob Graham, Franklin, jr.

Discus: Seth Yeager, Oil City, sr.

Shot put: Mario Fontanazza, Oil City, sr.

Javelin: Sean Stack, Oil City, sr.


100: Ben White, Warren, jr.

200: Landen Weis, Corry, sr.

400: Connor Nightingale, Franklin, sr.

800: Matt Puleio, Meadville, so.

1,600: Jack Mumford, Oil City, fr.

3,200: Jack Mumford, Oil City, fr.

110 hurdles: Holden Creal, Warren, so.

300 hurdles: Ethan Best, Warren, so.

400 relay: Warren – Aidan Sibits (jr.), Ethan Best (so.), Parker Shene (fr.), Ben White (jr.)

1,600 relay: Warren – Ethan Best (so.), Arik Allen (jr.), Ricky Madril (jr.), Hugh Harrison (fr.)

3,200 relay: Warren – Jack Seyler (so.), Corban Reinard (so.), Hugh Harrison (fr.), Graham Carr (jr.)

Triple jump: Khalon Simmons, Meadville, jr.

Long jump: Parker Shene, Warren, fr.

High jump: Dakota Cole, Oil City, sr.

Pole vault: David Balot, Oil City, sr.

Discus: Mario Fontanazza, Oil City, sr.

Shot put: Seth Yeager, , Oil City, sr.

Javelin: Drew Wilkinson, Franklin, so.

Region champion – Warren

Region athlete of the year – Bryce Maleski, Corry



100: Kaleb Sopher, Titusville, jr.

200: Kaleb Sopher, Titusville, jr.

400: Hunter Titus, Titusville, sr.

800: Alex Hummel, Eisenhower, jr.

1,600: Kirk Brace, Seneca, fr.

3,200: Garrett Kuhn, Seneca, jr.

110 hurdles: Frank Barger, Titusville, sr.

300 hurdles: Ryan Miller, Seneca, so.

400 relay: Eisenhower – Tyson Morrison (sr.), Keegan Eckstrom (so.), Darren Glotz (sr.), Caleb Robinault (sr.)

1,600 relay: Seneca – Wesley Paris (fr.), Dylan Myers (so.), Clay Bendig (jr.), Ryan Miller (so.)

3,200 relay: Eisenhower – Matthew Cathcart (sr.), Ethan Kellogg (sr.), Tyson Morrison (sr.), Alex Hummel (jr.)

Triple jump: Jake Hogg, Youngsville, sr.

Long jump: Blake Myers, Youngsville, so.

High jump: Jake Hogg, Youngsville, sr.

Pole vault: Seth Brooks, Titusville, sr.

Discus: Cole Endres, Titusville, jr.

Shot put: Lodge Nosko, Titusville, jr.

Javelin: Bobby Yost, Seneca, jr.


100: Wesley Paris, Seneca, fr.

200: Caleb Robinault, Eisenhower, sr.

400: Alex Hummel, Eisenhower, jr.

800: Landon Myer, Union City, jr.

1,600: Landon Myer, Union City, jr.

3,200: Kirk Brace, Seneca, fr.

110 hurdles: Ryan Miller, Seneca, so.

300 hurdles: Frank Barger, Titusville, sr.

400 relay: Seneca – Dylan Myers (so.), Lee Hover (fr.), John Morvay (so.), Wesley Paris (fr.)

1,600 relay: Eisenhower – Alex Hummel (jr.), Darren Glotz (sr.), Matthew Cathcart (sr.), Caleb Robinault (sr.)

3,200 relay: Seneca – Kevin Ellenberger (jr.), Liam Pikiewicz (so.), Garrett Kuhn (jr.), Clay Bendig (jr.)

Triple jump: Ryan Miller, Eisenhower, so.

Long jump: Kaleb Sopher, Titusville, jr.

High jump: Vincent Rupp, Seneca, jr.

Pole vault: Tyson Morrison, Eisenhower, sr.

Discus: Bobby Yost, Seneca, jr.

Shot put: Benji Bauer, Eisenhower, so.

Javelin: Lodge Nosko, Titusville, jr.

Region champion – Seneca

Region athlete of the year – Jake Hogg, Youngsville


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