Blair wins Farr Memorial at Eriez Speedway

HAMMETT, Pa. — Eriez Speedway celebrated the 245th birthday of the United States of America with a 41-lap feature for the Mill Run Collision/Zimmer Service Center ULMS Super Late Models presented by Hess Garage and Salvage in memory of one of the most influential men in Eriez history, Mike Farr.

Farr started his involvement with racing in the 1960s with the old Sportsmen Coupe cars and later developed the Genesis Shock. Although Farr, an Erie native, left the area for the metro-Atlanta area, he maintained close ties to this community, often visiting the area and supporting several race teams here, including the winner of Sunday night’s memorial, Max Blair.

Blair wound up finishing second in his heat, winning the “Scramble” to start on the pole for the feature, then led every lap to score the win over Dave Hess, Greg Oakes, Darrell Bossard and Wyatt Scott.

In other feature action, Blair also racked up another Nic Dit Trucking/Empire RUSH Late Model feature triumph; Dave Hess Jr. scored yet another Waterford Hotel UMP Modified win; defending class champion John Boardman continued his domination of the Curtze Food Service Pro Stocks; Dennis Lunger added another win to his Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economod total; Jessica Harvey picked up her first L&D Tree Service Challenger win of the season; and Mikael Beaver, the only entrant, was awarded the win in the Everhart Asphalt & E.T. Motorsports RUSH Pro Stocks finale.

Curtze Food Service Pro Stocks – 19 entries

Heat 1: Douglas Eck, Bill Applebee, Ron Boardman, Shane Applebee, Harold Brown, Tom Teed, Michael Reed

Heat 2: Chris Withes, Chris McGuire, Steve Yokum, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Michael Oakes, Brent Crandall

Heat 3: Jason Covey, John Boardman, Kyle Schreckengost, Gary Fisher, Chris Fenno

Feature: John Boardman, Chris McGuire, Gris Withers, Jason Covey, Steve Yokum, Bill Applebee, Shane Applebee, Gary Fisher, Ron Boardman, Jimmy Kennerknecht , Michael Oakes, Chris Fenno, Brent Crandall, Michael Reed, Kyle Schreckengost, Douglas Eck, Tom Teed, Harold Brown

Everhart Asphalt & E. T. Motorsports RUSH Pro Stocks – 1 entry

Heat: Mikael Beaver

Feature: Mikael Beaver

Waterford Hotel UMP Modifieds – 24 entries

Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr, Alan Atkinson, Matt Alexander, Chris Peterson, John Boyd, David Warrior, Eric Reinwald, Hunter Holley, Kevin Smith

Heat 2: Shane Crotty, Rich Michael Jr, Troy Johnson, Casey Bowers, Timothy Rockwell, Geoff Conn, Travis Creech, Joel Watson

Heat 3: Steve Rex, Josh Ferry, Brady Westfall, Dennis Lunger, Mark Titus, Steve Simon, Chris McDonald, Mitchell Rex

Feature: Dave Hess Jr, Troy Johnson, Steve Rex, Shane Crotty, Casey Bowers, Braidy Westfall, Geoff Conn, John Boyd, Joel Watson, Steve Simon, Travis Creech, Kevin Smith, Mitchell Rex, Mark Titus, Alan Atkinson, Josh Ferry, Timothy Rockwell, Dennis Lunger, Hunter Hurley, Matt Alexander, Chris Peterson, Eric Reinwald, David Warrior, Chris McDonald, Rich Michael Jr

Nic Dit Trucking/Empire RUSH Late Models – 19 entries

Heat 1: Max Blair, Scott Gurdak, Bruce Hordusky, Jason Genco, David Parker, Jacob Peterson, Paul Norman

Heat 2: Matt Sipes, Chuck LaFluer, Gary Troyer, D J Krug, Gary Houngs, Robert Klein

Heat 3: Jeremy Wonderling, Breyton Santee, Bobby Rohrer, Khole Wanzer, Billy Henry, Ashton Briggs

Feature: Max Blair, Jeremy Wonderling, Matt Sipes, Jason Genco, Breyton Santee, David Parker, Khole Wanzer, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Billy Henry, Scott Gurdak, Gary Troyer, Bobby Rohrer, Gary Youngs, Chuck Lefleur, Jacob Peterson, D J Krug, Paul Norman, Ashton Briggs, Robert Klein

Mill Run Collision/Zimmer Service Center ULMS Super Late Models sponsored by Hess Garage – 22 entries

Time Trials: Not Available

Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr, Max Blair, Coleby Frye, Dutch Davies, Andy Boozel, Ryan Scott, Jason Genco

Heat 2: Colton Flinner, Boom Briggs, Greg Oakes, Steve Kania, Wyatt Scott, Mike Smith, Tyler Thompson

Heat 3: Chad Wright, Darrell Bossard, Mike Knight, Alex Ferree, Khole Wanzer, Deshaun Gingrich

Scramble: Max Blair, Dave Hess Jr, Chad Wright, Colton Flinner, Darrell Bossard, Boom Briggs

Feature: Max Blair, Dave Hess Jr, Greg Oakes, Darrell Bossard, Wyatt Scott, Colten Flinner, Dutch Davies, Mike Knight, Chad Wright, Steve Kania, Andy Boozel, Jason Genco, Mike Wonderling, Deshaun Gingerich, Ryan Scott, Tyler Thompson, Coleby Frye, Boom Briggs, Alex Ferree, Michael Smith, Khole Wanzer, Jason Harmon (DNS)

Johnson Car Care & Collision Economods – 19 entries

Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Steve Simon, Garrett Calvert, Ryan Howard, Jim Tolon, Ashley Rogers, Michael year ohnstone

Heat 2: Mitchell Wright, Gary Sullivan, Brandon Porter, Kyle Layton, Alex Siekkinen, Gary Olsen, Zack Lenart

Heat 3: Jarett Young, Cody Stronghart, Zac Etzel, Judson Fell, Scott Burk Jr, Lane Reinwald

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Jarett Young, Kyle Layton, Steve Simon, Garrett Calvert, Tim Stronghart, Judson Fell II, Hary Sullivan, Brandon Porter, Jim Tolon, Ryan Howard, Zac Etzel, Lane Reinwald, Alex Siekkinen, Mitchell Wright, Ashley Rogers, Zack Lenart, Michael Johnstone, Gary Olsen, Scott Burk jr

L&D Tree Service Challengers – 31 entries

Heat 1: Ken Luma, James Weigle, Sean Murphy, D J Artz, Dalton Eggleston, Ethan White, Mark Lawrence, Jerry Casey, Justin Cowser, Austyn Richard, Joe Richter

Heat 2: Brian McGarvie, Camden Van Hooser, Collin Larson, Carl White Jr, Devin Bliley, Aaron Cole, Derek Randolph, Corey Mason, Theresa Maloney, Vincent Curtis

Heat 3: Chris Horton, Tommy LaBarbera, Jessica Harvey, Tyler Youngs, Camden Van Hooser, Rychard Andrzeewski, Charles Silvis Jr, Andrew Smith, Mel Bennett, John Bailey

B-Main: Theresa Maloney, Austyn Richards, Joe Richter, Vincent Curtis, John Bailey, Melvin Bennett, Jerry Casey Jr, Justin Cowser, Corey Mason, Nick Robie

Feature: Jessica Harvey, Chris Horton, Zack Eller, Brian McGarvie, Ken Luma, Camden Van Hoover, Mark Lawrence, Carl White Jr, James Weigle, Sean Murphy, Tyler Youngs, Dalton Eggleston, Collin Larson, Charles Silvis Jr, Devin Bailey, Rychard Andrzeewski, Dane Artz II, Ethen White, Austyn Richards, Theresa Maloney, Joe Richter, Derrick Randolph, Andrew Smith, Aaron Cole


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