Week 5 results: Jones Chevrolet 14, Crescent Beer 4; Wicked Warrenn 24, Connie’s Notary Service 17; Real Living Real Estate Experts 33, Darr’s Snowplowing; Peak Performance 34, Gramm Z’s 0; Munch Appliance Repair 17 Superior Tire 3, American Legion Post 758 19, Iccy ink 9; WM Jenkins Trucking 26, Fifties Grill & Darily 25.


American Legion Post 758 (Sugar Grove), 3-0; Wicked Warren, 3-0; WM Jenkins Trucking, 3-0; Munch Appliance Repair, 2-0; Peak Performance, 2-0; Fiftie’s Grill & Dairy, 2-1; Jones Chevrolet, 2-1; DZ Designs Dingers, 1-1; McKissock, 1-1; Crescent Beer, 1-2; Gramm Zs, 1-2; Real Living Real Estate Experts, 1-2; Connie’s Notary Service, 0-2; Iccy Ink, 0-2; Darr’s Snowplowing, 0-3; Superior Tire, 0-3.

Home Run Leaders: 4, Ryan Cunningham , Fifties Grill & Dairy; 3, Glenn Morse, DZ Designs Dingers, Dan Bullock, DZ Designs Dingers; Andrew Honey, Fifties Grill & Dairy, John Barlow, Fifties Grill & Dairy, Matt Spunaugle, Fifties Grill & Dairy, Dan Lane, Real Living Real Estate Experts, Zach Spinks, WM Jenkins Trucking; 2, Scott Miller, Crescent Beer, Nate Christensen, Crescent Beer, Nate Betts, Crescent Beer, Tanner Merchant, Fifties Grill & Dairy, Billy Lawson, Fifties Grill & Dairy, Brendan Winslow, Jones Chevrolet, Joe Pellegrino, Munch Appliance Repair, Derek Reagle, Munch Appliance Repair, JJ Matve, Peak Performance, Gannon Jackson, Peak Performance, Hunter Geckle, Real Living Real Estate Experts, Bobby Morrow, WM Jenkins Trucking.

Friday schedule


6:30 – McKissock v Jones Chevrolet

7:45 – Real Living Real Estate Experts v WM Jenkins Trucking

9 – Connie’s Notary Service v Munch Appliance Repair


6:30 – Iccy Ink v Darr’s Snowplowing

7:45 – Crescent Beer v Peak Performance

9 – Gramm Zs v Superior Tire


6:15 – DZ Designs Dingers v Wicked Warren

7:30 – American Legion Post 758 v Fiftie’s Grill & Dairy


LAKEWOOD, N.Y. — Following are the current pickleball league standings after three weeks of play for the Ladder League Challenge that is being played at LaGrega Park this summer:

John Cable 171, Marlene Sandberg 164, John Paway 162, Michele Ognibene 160, Rick Englebert, Jim Brotz & Lee McGinn 159, Becky Campbell 157, Steve Bittinger 142, Greg Smith 135, Oliver Dow 130, Cam Morton 116.

Golf leagues

WARREN — In the Jackson Valley Tuesday Night League, Mountain Laurel Credit Union has 193 points, Team 5 188 points, Eagles Club 187.5 points, A&B Heating 187 points and Tasta Pizza 186 points.

Rob Ritchie had 9 points, Gary Freeborough 8, Denny Arthur 8, Eric Fisher 7.5, Dan Brown 7.5 and Phil Holcomb 7.5.

Casey Moyer had a 37 on the front, Skete Williams a 35 on the back, while Chet Loomis had a 38 on the front for the seniors and Mark Silvis a 41 on the back for the seniors.

The net leaders were Owen Becker with a 334 on the front, Ritchie with a 32 on the back, Denny Holcomb with a 33 on the front for the seniors and Dave English with a 36 on the back for the seniors.


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