Blair wins Litz Memorial at Eriez

HAMMETT — Cloud 9 Wine, Bar, and Restaurant was the sponsor for the annual 29-lap, $2,900-to-win Dick Litz Memorial, run each year in memory of one of Eriez Speedway’s most popular drivers from the early years of the track.

Litz’s number was 29, so that number is used in the length of the event as well as the prize money. He passed several years ago, but will live on in fans’ memories each year this race is contested.

At the end of the feature, it was Max Blair again standing in Victory Lane after taking over at the front of the pack nine laps from the checkers after running side by side with early leader Colton Flinner for much of the two laps from 18 to 20.

Other winners were Joe Martin, Nic Dit Trucking/Empire RUSH Late Models; Dave Hess, Waterford Hotel E-Mods; Jarett Young, Johnson Car Care and Collision Economods; Chris McGuire, Curtze Food Service ProMods; and Chris Horton, Everhart Asphalt and L &D Tree Service Challengers.

Mill Run Collision Super Late Models/United Late Model Series

Integra Shocks Time Trials: Jared Miley, Max Blair, Colten Flinner, rest not available

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Scramble: Colton Flinner, Jared Miley, Tyler Thompson, Max Blair, Mike Knight, Dave Hess

Zimmer’s Service Center Heat 1: Mike Knight, Jared Miley, Michael Norris, Wyatt Scott, Darrell Bossard, Deshawn Gingerich, Cody Egner, Steve Kania, Jason Genco

Close Racing Supply Heat 2: Max Blair, Dave Hess, Chris Hackett, Greg Oakes, Chad Wright, Andy Boozel, Kyle Bedell. Jon Lee, Mike Smith

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat 3: Colton Flinner, Tyler Thompson, Bump Hedman, Matt Lux, Ryan Scott, Levi Yetter, Khole Wanzer, Easton Hedman

Feature: Max Blair, Dave Hess, Michael Norris, Wyatt Scott, Colton Flinner, Greg Oakes, Jared Miley, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Chris Hackett, Tyler Thompson, Ryan Scott, Jason Genco, Kyle Bedell, Chad Wright, Levi Yetter, Khole Wanzer, Deshawn Gingerich, Mike Knight, Cody Egner, Easton Hedman, Matt lux, Jon Lee, Mike Smith, Andy Boozel, Steve Kania (DNS)

Nic Dit Trucking / Empire RUSH Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Kyle Hardy, Scott Gurdak, David Parker, Billy Henry, Bud Watson, Joe Long, Paul Norman, Rodney Houser

Heat 2: Matthew Sipes, Mike Duritsky, Jacob Peterson, Breyton Santee, Gary Youngs, Hunter Proctor, Ryan Frazee, Mike Knight (DNS)

Heat 3: Max Blair, Jason Genco, Joe Martin, Khole Wanzer, Jonathan Stockdale, Zack Morrow (DNS), Bobby Rohrer (DNS)

Feature: Joe Martin, Max Blair, Kyle Hardy, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Billy Henry, David Parker, Mike Knight, Breyton Santee, Matthew Sipes, Joe Long, Khole Wanzer, Jacob Peterson, Paul Norman, Bud Watson, Jonathon Stockdale, Gary Youngs, Zack Morrow, Rodney Houser, Hunter Proctor, Mike Duritsky, Bobby Rohrer (DNS), Ryan Frazee (DNS)

The Waterford Hotel E-Mods

Heat 1: Mike McGee, Troy Johnson, Matt Alexander, Eric Reinwald, Chuck Steinle, Kevin Smith, Bryon Johnson, Hunter Hulley

Heat 2: Shane Crotty, Joel Watson, Brady Westfall, Mark Titus, Chris Peterson, Travis Creech, David Warrior

Heat 3: Dave Hess, Steve Rex, John Boyd, Steve Simon, Devin Dudenhoeffer, Tyler Oakes, Tim Rockwell

Feature: Dave Hess, Troy Johnson, Sreve Rex, Joel Watson, Eric Reinwald, Shane Crotty, Steve Simon, John Boyd, Tim Rockwell, Mark Titus, Brady Westfall, David Warrior, Travis Creech, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Hunter Hulley, Tyler Oakes, Chuck Steinle, Mike McGee, Matt Alexander, Chris Peterson, Bryon Johnson, Kevin Smith

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods

Heat 1: Kyle Layton, Nate Young, Brent Rhebergen, Steve Simon, Jordan Simmons, Gary Sullivan, Tyler Davis

Heat 2: Jarett Young, Mitch Wright, Mike Harmon, Bobby Vogt, Brandon Porter, Mike Johnstone, Garrett Calvert

Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Zach Lenart, Stu Rickard, Gary Olson, Jason Gracey, Ryan Howard, Brodie Hill

Feature: Jarett Young, Dennis Lunger, Zach Lenart, Garrett Calvert, Jordan Simmons, Brandon Porter, Bobby Vogt, Jason Gracey, Ryan Howard, Gary Sullivan, Mike Johnstone, Steve Simon, Nate Young, Brent Rhebergen, Stu Rickard, Brodie Hill, Gary Olson, Tyler Davis, Mitch Wright, Kyle Layton, Mike Harmon

Curtze Food Service ProStocks

Heat 1: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Steve Yokum, Jason Covey, Douglas Eck, Bill Applebee, Tanner Ramsey, Chris Withers, Gary Fisher

Heat 2: Shane Applebee, Matt Sampson, John Boardman, Eric McCray, Ron Boardman, Donald Blood, Mikael Beaver (RUSH ProStock), Harold Brown

Heat 3: Chris McGuire, Jason Black, Kyle Schreckengost, Brent Crandall. Drake McCray, Erik Wise, Jeremy Zufall (RUSH ProStock)

Feature: Chris McGuire, Jason Black, John Boardman, Eric McCray, Jason Covey, Kyle Schreckengost, Steve Yokum, Matt Sampson, Bill Applebee, Chris Withers, Ron Boardman, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Brent Crandall, Tanner Ramsey, Harold Brown, Erik Wise, Douglas Eck, Shane Applebee, Drake McCray, Donald Blood, Gary Fisher

Everhart Asphalt and L&D Tree Service Challengers

Heat 1: Timothy Draggar, Brandon Marotto, Andrew Richards, Jack Warrior Jr, Camden Van Hooser, David Confer, Harmony Polach, Jeremy White, Tyler Youngs (DNS)

Heat 2: Ken Luma, Zack Eller, Mark Lawrence, John Sousa, Andrew Smith, Trever Putt, Cory Bice, Corey Mason, Brandon Huffman, Rick Neamon, Theresa Maloney, D J Artz, Joe Mason, rest not available

Heat 3: Chris Horton, Nick Robie, Nicholas Reed, Nick Eck, Phil Powell, Rick Neamon, Theresa Maloney, D J Artz, Joe Mason

Heat 4: Andy Proper, Jessica Harvey, Austyn Richards, Braden Bice, James Weigle, Carl Marcy, Dalton Eggleston, Casey Markham, Charles Silvis

B-Main: Trever Putt, Brandon Huffman, Cory Bice, rest not available

Feature: Chris Horton, Nick Robie, Andy Proper, Brandon Huffman, Jessica Harvey, Timothy Dragar, Ken Luma, Austyn Richards, Nicholas Reed, Andrew Smith, Trever Putt, Phil Powell, Jack Warrior Jr, John Sousa, Brandon Marotto, Camden Van Hoover, James Weigle, Zach Eller, Cory Bice, Nick Eck, Andrew Richards, Mark Lawrence, Braden Bice, Corey Mason


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