Hess Jr. shines over weekend

BUSTI, N.Y. — After a long, cold winter, Stateline Speedway successfully got its 66th consecutive season of dirt track racing underway Saturday under cold and sometimes threatening conditions as a light rain was felt at times, but not enough to dampen excitement or track conditions.

When the final checkers had fallen Dave Hess was standing in Victory Lane after both the UMP Modified feature and the Super Late Model feature.

Also winning features were Andy Boozel in the RUSH Late Model Division, John Boardman in Penn-Ohio ProStocks, Dennis Lunger in the RUSH ProMods and Holden Heineman in the Challenger Division.

Super Late Models

Heat 1: David Scott, David Hess, Greg Oakes, Doug Eck, Kyle Bedell, Paul Schreckengost

Heat 2: Bob Dorman, Bump Hedman, Jason Genco, Anthony Marotto, Khole Wanzer, Easton Hedman

Heat 3: Wyatt Scott, Chris Hackett, Dutch Davies, Darrell Bossard, Damian Bidwell

Feature: Dave Hess, David Scott, Wyatt Scott, Bump Hedman, Greg Oakes, rest not available at their time.

RUSH Late Models

Heat 1: Darrell Bossard, Jason Genco, David Pangrazio. Steve Dixon, Scott Gurdak, Khole Wanzer, Gary Troyer

Heat 2: Ward Shell, Jeff Hoffman, Bud Watson, Chad Schauers, Brian Larson, Hunter Proctor, Steve Houser

Heat 3: Joe Martin, Andy Boozel, Gary Younss, Rodney Houser, Bobby Rohrer, Chad Clement (DNS)

Heat 4: JoshFerry, Jeremy Wonderling, Matt Sipes, Paul Norman, David Parker, Logan Jaquay

B-Main: Khole Wanzer, Logan Jaquay, Gary Troyer, Steve Houser, Hunter Proctor, Bobby Rohrer

Feature: Andy Boozel, David Pangrazio, Jason Genco, Jeremy Wonderling, Bud Watson, rest not available at this time.

UMP Modifieds

1: Dave Hess Jr, Butch Southwell. Tom Peterson, Troy Johnson, Tim Rockwell, James Willburn

Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Cale Crocker, Zach Johnson, Kevin, Eric Reinwald, Dave Lamphere,Mitchell Rex

Heat 3: Shane Crotty, Michael McGee, Brandon Grossman, Steve Rex, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Bryon Johnson, David Warrior

Feature: Dave Hess, Dennis Lunger, Cale Crocker, Michael McGee, Troy Johnson, rest not available at this time.

Penn-Ohio ProStocks

Heat 1: Joe Stajnrajh, Wesley McCray, Curtis Bish Jr, Jason Covey. Krug Schreckengost, Josh Beckstrom

Heat 2: Bill Applebee, Jackson Humanic, Jason Black, Alan Dellenger, David Baker, Shane Applebee

Heat 3: Matt Sampson, Douglas Eck, Chris Withers, Steve Keith Jr, Drake McCray, 12, Steve Yokum

Heat 4: John Boardman, Tom Teed, Michael Oakes, Donald Blood, Gary Fisher, Harold Brown, David Tower

B-Main: Shane Applebee, Steve Yokum, Josh Beckstrom, Tanner Ramsey, David Tower

Feature: John Boardman, Curtis Bish Jr, Wesley McCray, Matt Sampson, Chris Withers, rest not available at this time.

RUSH ProMods

Heat 1: Steve Dixon, Greg Johnson, Jarrod Silvis, Chad Ramsey, Duane Powers Jr, Michael Johnstone, Tober Cetrell Sr, Greg Arnett

Heat 2: Adam Ashcroft, Alan Brewer, Carl Irons, Victor Earle Jr, Mike Eschrich, Vaughn Nystrom, Dean Ingalls, Tyler Oakes, Brett Ritter

Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Brodie Hill, Tyler Carlin, Stu Rickard, Tim Schram, Cody Stronghart, Tyler Sutton, Wayne Mohawk, Donald May Jr

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Alan Brewer, Adam Ashcroft, Carl Irons, Mike Esrich, rest not available at this time.


Heat 1: Rick Feely, Bodey McClintock, Nickolas Eck, David Moller, Sean Murphy, Kasey Markham, Charles Silvis, Bryson Hill

Heat 2: Pete Volpe, Tommy LaBarbera, Mark Lawrence, 17M, Dean Sullivan

Heat 3: Chris Horton, Holden Heineman, Greg Marsh, Jon Seekings, Brandon Marotto, Benjamin Gaspar, Joseph Foti

Consi: Benjamin Gasper,Joseph Foti, Tyler Pearson, Larry Houser, Kasey Markham, Charles Silvis, Phillip Burt, Ryan Morgan, Bryson Hill, Rachel Moller, Preston Matve

Feature: Holden Heineman, John Mease, Rick Feely, Chris Horton, Jon Seekings, Charles McClintock, Brandon Marotto, Nicholas Eck, Nicholas Reed, Tyler Pearson, Larry Houser, Kimberly Davis, David Moller,Bodey McClintock, Tommy LaBarbera, Benjamin Gasper, Mark Lawrence, William Sunderlin, Pete Volpe, Mark Winans, Dean Sullivan, Greg Marsh (DNS)



HAMMETT — A very pleasant spring day greeted fans as Eriez Speedway opened for its 61st consecutive season of Super Late Model racing along with five more classes to thrill fans of all ages Sunday.

When the final checkers had flown Dave Hess Jr. had added two more wins to his already impressive resume, those coming in the Mill Run Collision Center Super Late Model and the Waterford Hotel E-Mods.

Also going to Victory Lane were Mike Knight, Nic Dit Trucking RUSH Late Models; Chris Withers, Curtze Food Service ProStocks; Dennis Lunger, Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods; Tanner Ramsey, Everhart Ashphalt & E. T. Motorsports RUSH ProStocks; and Andy Proper, L&D Tree Service Challengers.

Mill Run Collision Super Late Models

Heat 1: Dave Hess, Darrell Bossard, Ryan Scott, Easton Hedman, Steve Kania, Khole Wanzer

Heat 2: Greg Oakes, Mike Knight, Bump Hedman, Kyle Bedell, Anthony Marotto

Feature: Dave Hess, Greg Oakes, Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Kyle Bedell, Steve Kania, Ryan Scott, Easton Hedman, Anthony Marotto, Khole Wanzer

Nic Dit RUSH Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Bud Watson, Khole Wanzer, Paul Norman, Robbie Coffaro, Gary Youngs

Heat 2: Andy Boozel, Mike Knight, Bobby Rohrer, Logan Jaquay, Jason Genco, Scot Jordan

Heat 3: Matt Latta, Scott Gurdak, Billy Henry, Joe Long, Jacob Peterson, David Parker

Feature: Mike Knight, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Jason Genco, Breyton Santee, Bobby Rohrer, Khole Wanzer, Joe Long, Logan Jaquay, Gary Youngs, Scot Jordan, Jacob Peterson, Paul Norman, Robbie Coffaro, Billy Henry, Bud Watson, David Parker

Waterford Hotel E-Mods

Heat 1: Dave Hess, Joel Watson, Mike McGee, Steve Rex, Chris Peterson, John Boyd, Mitch Rex, Gerry Kielar

Heat 2: Casey Bowers, Troy Johnson, Shane Crotty, Steve Simon, Mark Titus, David Warrior, Eric Reinwald, Bryon Johnson

Feature: Dave Hess, Troy Johnson, Joel Watson, Shane Crotty, Mike McGee, Steve Rex, Steve Simon, Bryon Johnson, Mitch Rex, David Warrior, Gerry Kielar, Casey Bowers, John Boyd, Mark Titus (DNS), Eric Reinwald (DNS), Matt Alexander (DNS)

Curtze Food Service ProStocks

Heat 1: Douglas Eck, Bill Applebee, John Boardman, Kyle Schreckengost, Chris Fenno, Brent Crandall, Harold Brown

Heat 2: Chris Withers, Gary Fisher, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Steve Yokum, Ron Boardman

Feature: Chris Withers, Douglas Eck, John Boardman, Jimmy Kennerknech, Gary Fisher, Bill Applebee, Kyle Schreckengost, Steve Yokum, Ron Boardman, Brent Crandall, Chris Fenno, Harold Brown

Johnson Car Care and Collision Economods

Heat 1: Kyle Layton, Garrett Calvert, Nate Young, Bobby Vogt, Travis Creech, Tyler Davis, Mike Johnstone, Vincent Di Pisso (DNS)

Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Jarrett Young, Mitchell Weight, Jordan Simmons, Mike Harmon, David Atkinson, Alex Siekkinen

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Nate Young, Garrett Calvert, Mitchell Wright, Gary Olson, Bobby Vogt, Travis Creech, Vincent DiPizzo, Tyler Davis, Mike Johnstone, Brandon Porter, Mike Harmon, Alex Siekkinen, Jarett Young, Kyle Layton (DNS)

Everhart Ashphalt & E. T. Motorsports RUSH ProStocks

Heat: Tanner Ramsey

Feature: Tanner Ramsey

L&D Tree Service Challengers

Heat 1: Brandon Huffman, Rick Feely, Tim Drager, Corey Mason, Alexis Vogt, Skip Jackson, Jimmy White, Theresa Maloney

Heat 2: Chris Horton, Tommy LaBarbera, Wes Stull, Austin Richards, 12H, Randy Vroman, 12D, lin Carson

Heat 3: Andy Proper, Mark Lawrence, Jessica Harvey, 14m, 4, 13, Jimmy White, Skip Jackson

Heat 4: 13, Nicholas Reed, Rod Brit, Joe Mason, Charles Silvis, Andrew Smith, Dalton Eggleston, 13Jr, Brandon Marotto

Feature: Andy Proper, Nick Robie, Rick Feely, Tommy LaBarbera, Jessica Harvey, Wesley Stull, Chris Horton, Brandon Huffman, Alexis Vogt, Randy Vroman, Jeremy Start, Nicholas Reed, 69, Joe Mason, 12H, Skip Jackson, Phillip Brit, Mark Lawrence, 14M, 28M, Collin Carson, Charles Silvis (DNS), Joe Richter (DNS), Austin Richards (DNS)


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