Golf leagues

RUSSELL, Pa. — In the Blueberry Hill Golf Course Ladies League Tough Stuff Tournament, Barb Hill fired a low gross of 49 and Sharon Birtcil shot a 50 gross.

Hill took the overall title for the B Flight with a 29 while Birtcil shot 31.

Hill was first low net with a 40 while Birtcil and Sue Feranto shot 42.

Also in the B Flight Sandy Wilks shot a 54 gross, Ellen Nelson 58 gross, Wilks a 39 net and Nelson a 42 net.

Wilks was your tournament winner with 33 while Nelson and Susan Wilson tied for second with 37.

In C Flight Karen Beardsley was your winner with a 36, shooting a 60 gross and 42 net.

Jen Dilks took second with 39, firing a 61 gross and 44 net.

In D Flight Amy Morrison and Sue Shields were your winners with 36s while Deb Sumner was second with 40. Morrison shot a 57 gross and 38 net while Shields shot a 60 gross and 41 net.

In E Flight your winners were Paula Morina and Sue Papalia with 38s while Carolyn McBride was second with 39.

Papalia was low gross with a 58 and shot a 33 net while McBride shot a 63 gross and Morina a 37 net.

In F Flight your winner was Linda Dies with a 74. Jessica Rex had a low gross of 69 and a net of 36. Cheryl Reagle and Carol Torrance shot 70s to lead the gross results while Stacy Spicer carded a 34 net.

Dies had a low gross of 74.

Closest to the pin on No. 11 was Rose Colucci at 4 feet 1 inch.


RUSSELL, Pa. — In the Blueberry Hill Golf Course Senior League, Mid-Town Motors leads with 22.5 points, United Refining 20.5, Alabaugh’s Radiators 16, NAPA Auto Parts 19 and American Legion 23.5.

Low gross scores came from Dave Progar with a 37, Ed Zeiriski 39, Art Stewart 39 and Dick Davis 39.

Low net was Dave Progar with 26, Bob Buerkle 30, Dennis Kirpastrick 31, Randy Cristersen 31 and Terry Andersen 31.

Mike Hawley had two birdies.


AKELEY — The YHS Scholarship Fund hosted their 27th Annual Golf Scramble, sponsored by the Youngsville American Legion, this past weekend at Jackson Valley Golf Course. The team of Nathan Sandberg, Tim Sandberg, Tony Pellegrino and Ron Leofsky were the gross winners with a score of 56. The team of Arch Perrin, Greg Kirr, Bob Long and Duane Benedict were the net winners with a score of 59.


WARREN, Pa. — In the Most One Putts Tournament at Blueberry Hill Golf Club Deb Niederriter won the A Flight with four points while Sharon Birtcil and Sally Moldovan each had 3.

Niederriter shot a 32 net and a 44 gross, Moldovan a 35 net and Birctil a 47 gross.

In the B Flight Deb Borst won with six points while Ellen Nelson had five. Terri Larson shot a 48 gross and a 33 net, Nelson a 49 gross and Mary Mackey a 35 net.

In C Flight Jill Dart won with three points while Jen Dilks, Bev Eldridge, Patti Larson and Darcy Marek each had two. Marek shot a 50 gross and 33 net, Eldridge and Gail Kirsch each shot 53 gross and 36 nets.

In D Flight Donna Zariczny was your winner with four points while Grace Backstrom, Becky Carlson, Lee Spangler and Deb Sumner all had three points. Janis Bennett and Kren Sobkowski shot 52 gross, Grace Backstrom a 53 gross and 30 net, Amy Morrison 53 gross and Bennett a 32 net.

In E Flight Kathy Blackman, Nancy Monaghan, Deb Olson, Sue Wenzel and Young Hui Waite all tied with three points while Betsy Foley and Joanne Sorensen had 2 apiece.

Carolyn McBride had a 54 gross and 29 net, Foley a 56 gross and Melissa Schrader a 56 gross and 30 net.

In the F Flight Beth Lundberg had three points, Cheryl Reagle two and Cindy Schuman two. Reagle shot a 63 gross and 31 net, Jessica Rex a 67 gross, Cindy Schuman a 67 gross and Stacy Spicer a 33 net.

In the No Handicap Flight Madison Kridler had two points and Linda Dies one. Shelly Gray shot a 56 and Kridler 65.

Closest to the pin on No. 4 was Beardsley a 6 feet 2 inches.


WARREN, Pa. — In the Tuesday Night League at Jackson Valley Golf Club Mountain Laurel, Credit Union is in first with 134.5 points, Team 5 has 128 points, Midtown Motors has 127, A&B Heating has 126 and Eagles Club has 125.

High points leaders are Shane Flannery with 8.5, Ron Irwin 8, Bob Carrington 8, randy Carlson 8 and Al Shene 8.

Low gross winners were Joe Saber with a 39 on the front, Flannery a 35 on the back, Terry Ressler a 40 on the front for the seniors, and Tim Watkins a 39 on the back for the seniors.

Low net leaders were Shay Font on the front with a 34, Tony Stover on the back with a 34, Chet Munksgard with a 31 on the front for the seniors, and Denny Holcomb a 35 on the back for the seniors.


WARREN, Pa. — In the Monday Night Scramble League at Jackson Valley Golf Club, in the A1 Flight, Jesse McMichael and Fred Utegg shot a 30 gross, Rob Ritchie and Cole Schultz fired a 32 net.

In the A2 Flight, Joe Saber and Gary Freeborough shot a 32 gross while Scott Olson and Steve O’Nuffer a 36 net.

In the B1 Flight, Randy Carlson and Kihm Carlson shot a 33 net while Dennis Scotty and Clayton Waddington shot a 34 net.

In the B2 Flight, Bob Carrington and Jim Sudul shot a 37 gross while John Schuyler and Chris Schuyler a 38 net.


WARREN, Pa. — In Ladies League action at Jackson Valley Golf Club, in the A Flight, Julie Moyer shot a 50 gross, April Tharp 41 net and Mary Beth Whiting had 15 putts.

In the B Flight, Nancy Larson shot a 57 gross, Tiffany White 39 net and Jill Morley had 16 putts.

In the C Flight, Judy Fry had a 68 gross, Vicki Blackmer a 49 net and Leigh Unen had 17 putts.

In the D Flight, Andrea Conklin shot 57 gross, Darielle Hoden 34 net, Tracey Williams 34 net and Betsy Foley had 13 putts.

Baseball, softball



Sugar Grove AMVETS beat Wallin’s Stump Grinding, 13-6, at Hoak Field.

Tracy Jakubczak of AMVETS and Sam Childs of Wallin’s both had doubles. Alexis Stec had a nice defensive play to first. Both teams had multiple hits for the night.



John Anderson Construction topped Superior, 22-7.

Rylee Rectenwald had two doubles and a triple;Lilly Lucia had a double; and Ella Lord and Sadie Chase scored four runs for Anderson.

BOYS 50/70

JC Warren Real Estate topped Superior Tire, 5-1.

Austin Hanson hit a double and a home run for the winners and Seth Brown had a double.

Hayden Raffaele led Superior Tire on the hill with nine strikeouts and held JC Warren to two runs until the fifth inning. Broc Bryan added a bare handed catch on defense at third base.

Trap leagues

In this weeks shoots in the Warren County Trap League Tidioute downed Pine Grove 341-337; Corry topped Sugar Grove I 337-331; Brokenstraw got by Sugar Grove II, 334-332; while Sheffield outshot Kalbfus 330-320. Perfect 50s were scored by Dale Johnson and Jim Miller. Gavin Dashner of Tidioute had his first 25 straight.

High Lady was Robin Miller of Pine Grove (46), High Junior was Gavin Dashner of Tidioute (49), High Sub-Junior was Mike Smith Jr. of Sheffield (44), High Veteran was Guy Anderson of Tidioute (49), High Senior Veterans were Ken Anderson of Tidioute, Conrad Shearer of Tidioute, Ray Lee of Pine Grove and John Morrison of Pine Grove (49s), while Glenn Smith of Tidioute and Bill Dallas of Sugar Grove II were High Super Senior Veterans with 48s.

Tidioute: Ken Anderson 49, Derek Dickson 49, Gavin Dashner 49, Guy Anderson 49, Joel Stewart 49, Conrad Shearer 48, Colby Case 48

Pine Grove: Brian Ecelberger 49, Ray Lee 49, John Morrison 49, Dutch Davies 49, Andrew Egger 47, Jerry Martin 47, Brian Wingerter 47

Corry: Ken Berkhous 49, William Mitchell 49, Logan Muir 49, Gary Dietz 48, Harold Linden 48, Curt Utegg 47, Jaxon Gray 47

Sugar Grove I: Dakota Chase 49, Scott Eastman 48, Chris Kibbey 48, Paul Swanson 47, Ron Trawick 47, Hunter Trawick 47, Rick Espin 45

Brokenstraw: Dale Johnson 50, CJ Jones 49, Robbin Weaver 48, Rick Woodcock 47, Allen Henry 47, Ed Haregsin 47, Alex Johnson 46

Sugar Grove II: Jim Miller 50, Kevin Nicklas 49, Bill Dallas 48, Rob Graham 48, Austin Anderson 47, Reed Johnson 45, Tom Dallas 45

Sheffield: Jack Hunt 49, Joey Donato 48, Rich Pierson 48, Marty Grove 47, Lee Dunkle 46, Chris Albaugh 46, Andrew Hvizdzak 46

Kalbfus: Chuck Gern 48, Chuck Loomis 47, Jim Nowacki 47, Paul Prentice 45, Rex Slocum 45, Fred Callahan 44, Mike Mackey 44


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