Junior high track & field

Joe Mistretta won the 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles as Eisenhower took on Sheffield and Youngsville in junior high track and field Thursday.

Max Enos won the 1,600 meters, Griffin Williams claimed the 800 meters, Drew Mandeville captured the 200 meters and Trenton Courtney won the 3,200 meters.

Mistretta, Mandeville, Williams and Gavin Lindemuth also won the 1,600-meter relay for Eisenhower.

Alyssa Wismar won the 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles and 800 meters in the girls action.

Emily Grosch added a win in the 400 meters, Callan Gigliotti won the 200 meters and Samantha Childs claimed the shot put.

Sophia Martin, Gigliotti, Gracie Tomasonni and Grosch took first in the 400-meter relay while Grosch, Wismar, Haley Meuller and Gigliotti won the 1,600-meter relay.

Golf leagues

In the Monday Night Scramble League at Jackson Valley Golf Course, Fred Utegg and Jesse McMichael led the A1 Flight with a 34 gross while Chet Loomis and Kevin Abbot carded a 38 net.

In the A2 Flight, Casey Moyer and Bill Andrews hit a 34 gross while Mark Silvis and Jeff McClement had a 38 net.

In the B1 Flight, Denny Beedle and Mike Rulander carded a 37 gross while Rusty Wallace and Kevin Fiscus hit a 37 net.

In the B2 Flight, Tim Munksgard and Chet Munksgard shot a 38 gross while John Schuyler and Chris Schuyler hit a 39 net.


Leading the Tuesday Night League at Jackson Valley Golf Course was Bill Turner with 9.5 points, Kihm Carlson with 8.5, John Logan 8, Jim Sturdevant with 8 and Jim Sudul with 8.

Gross leaders were Carlson with a 39 on the front 9; Shane Flannery and Skete Williams with 38s on the back 9; Chet Loomis with a 38 on the front 9 for the seniors; and Jim Vecellio with a 38 on the back 9 for the seniors.

Low net winners were Dan Brown with a 36 on the front; Bill Turner a 32 on the back; Randy Dickey with a 37 on the front for the seniors; and Vecellio with a 38 on the back for the seniors.

Leading the team standings are Mountain Laurel Credit Union with 94.5 points, Midtown Motors with 87.5, Team 5 with 85.5, Tasta Pizza with 84.5 and KCS Energy with 83.5.

Trap leagues

In Week 4 high school trap action, perfect scores came from Tyler Hasbrouck, Garrett Mitchell, Sam Piemme, Blake Mitchell, Trenton Lilley, McKenzie Mitchell and Jaxon Gray. High Lady was Mitchell.

Corry led the way with four points, Tidioute had three, Youngsville had two and Sheffield had one.

In Week 5 action, perfect scores were recorded by Abe Hoffecker, DJ Stine, Hasbrouck, Tate Tasker, Cole Nickerson, Colton Lindsey and Mitchell. High Lady was again Mitchell.

Corry collected four points, Sheffield three, Youngsville two and Tidioute one.

Week 4

Corry 175 (4 points): Tyler Hasbrouck 25, Garrett Mitchell 25, Sam Piemme 25, Blake Mitchell 25, Trenton Lilley 25, McKenzie Mitchell 25, Jaxon Gray 25

Tidioute 159 (3 points): Gavin Dashner 24, Denny Valentine 23, Bryceton Maille 23, Blake Sabella 23, Kash Kennedy 23, Aiden Bailor 21

Youngsville 156 (2 point): Selvie Pearson 24, Joe Lindstrom 23, Alex Greene 23, Koben Smith 22, Derek Childs 22, Kassidy Turner 21, Zane Anderson 21

Sheffield 151 (1 point): Joey Donato 24, Michael Smith 24, Eric Pierson 23, Chris Joblin 21, Emily Leichtenberger 20, Lily Lauffenburger 20, Dakota Studley 19

Week 5

Corry 175 (4 points): Abe Hoffecker 25, DJ Stine 25, Tyler Hasbrouck 25, Tate Tasker 25, Cole Nickerson 25, Colton Lindsey 25, McKenzie Mitchell 25

Sheffield 157 (3 points): Joey Donato 24, Emily Leichtenberger 24, Chris Joblin 23, Nolan Albaugh 22, Michael Smith 22, Eric Pierson 21, Liam Smaroff 21

Youngsville 147 (2 point): Derek Childs 24, Zane Anderson 23, Selvie Pearson 22, Derek Lucks 21, Alex Greene 20, Koben Smith 19, Tucker Lindell 18

Tidioute 144 (1 point): Blake Sabella 22, Nathan Lyon 22, Anthony Sabella 21, Kash Kennedy 20, Gavin Dashner 20, Jack Zehner 20, Lexi Drukenbrod


On opening night of the Warren County Trap League, Pine Grove topped Sugar Grove II 334-321; Tidioute outgunned Sheffield 332-328; Sugar Grove I got by Brokenstraw 319-316; and Corry outshot Kalbfus 317-309.

Perfect 50s were shot by Joey Donato and Ken Anderson.

High Ladies shooting 39s were Robin Miller and Laura Kittell of Pine Grove, Chiyo Grant of Sheffield and Sunny Linden of Kalbfus. Joe Donato of Sheffield was High Junior (50). Michael Smith of Sheffield was High Sub Junior (46). Bob Gray of Pine Grove was High Veteran (49). Anderson of Tidioute was High Senior Veteran while High Super Senior Veterans with 47s were Jerry Willett of Pine Grove, Jack Kostkas of Tidioute and Tom Smith of Brokenstraw.

Pine Grove: Ray Lee 49, Bob Gray 49, Greg Nagurney 48, Donovan Davies 48, Jerry Martin 47, Jerry Willett 47, Dave Kingsley 46

Sugar Grove II: Reed Johnson 48, Rob Graham 46, Kevin Nicklas 46, Steve Beck 46, Jake Taylor 45, Steve Ecker 45, Jared Lindell 45

Tidioute: Ken Anderson 50, Ed Pennington 49, Doug Sliker 48, Jack Kostkas 47, Bryceton Maille 46, Guy Anderson 46, Joel Stewart 46

Sheffield: Joey Donato 50, Marty Grove 47, Nolan Albaugh 47, Ralph Challingsworth 46, Michael Smith 46, Andrew Hvizdzak 46, Paul Hvizdzak 46

Sugar Grove 1: Scott Eastman 49, Colton Black 47, Hunter Trawick 46, Chris Kibbey 45, Scott Currie 45, Devon Kibbey 44, Dawson Diethrick 43

Brokenstraw: Robbin Weaver 48, Tom Smith 47, CJ Jones 47, Shawn Garris 45, Jarrett Hunter 44, Curt Hollabaugh 43, Rusty Luther 42

Corry: William Mitchell 48, Jaxon Gray 48, Harold Linden 45, Chris Maker 44, Gary Dietz 44, Gary Casler 44, Chad Gray 44

Kalbfus: Chuck Gern 47, Paul Prentice 45, Doug Gray 45, Jim Nowacki 44, Chuck Loomis 44, Rex Slocum 44, Fred Callahan 40

Little League

Machine Pitch

Cornerstone Lounge knocked off United Refining, 13-7, and Ash downed Lord, 15-8.


Rylee Rectenwald and Allison Hackman both had a double to help Tom Anderson Construction down Team Jesperson, 20-13.


Hoisington downed Tubbs at Johnson Field.

Evan Wilcox homered for Hoisington while Emmet Snyder doubled and Carter Johnson caught a high fly ball for Tubbs.

50-/70 Division

JC Warren Real Estate swept a doubleheader from Superior Tire, 14-1 and 12-10.

In the first game, Zane Carlson struck out eight in four innings, made a fine defensive play and helped his own cause with two RBIs.

Hayden Raffaele fanned nine batters in four innings, and Jacks Lynds added an RBI for Superior Tire.

In the second game, Austin Hanson struck out and Brady Shene had an RBI.


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