Seneca tops Eisenhower in Tuesday track meets

RUSSELL — Seneca won the boys and girls Region 4 track and field meets at Eisenhower on Tuesday.

In the boys meet, Caleb Robinault won the 400 meters (59.7), Tyson Morrison won the pole vault (9-6), Alex Hummell won the 800 meters (2:10.4) and Mikael Beaver won the shot put (36-0) for the Knights.

In the girls meet, Clark won the pole vault (7-0), Mackenzie Dunn won the shot put (30-0) and discus (84-5), and Rayna Hultman won the javelin (84-9) for the Knights.


Seneca 101, Eisenhower 49

3,200m relay: Eisenhower. T–9:16.2

110m high hurdles: Miller (S), Morvay (S), Seabury (S). T–18.13

100m: Paris (S), Glotz (E), Morrison (E). T–11.96

1,600m: Bracc (S), Ellenberger (S), Schumac (S). T–5:25

400m: Robinault (E), Ellenberger (S), N/A (E). T–59.7

400m relay: Eisenhower. T–48.9

300m intermediate hurdles: Miller (S), Morvay (S), Nizzi (E). T–44.41

800m: Hummell (E), Bendic (S), Brown (S). T–2:10.4

200m: Paris (S), Robinault (E), Glotz (E). T–26.1

3,200m: Kuhn (S), Bracc (S), Kellogg (E). T–11:55.9

1,600m relay: Seneca. T–3:48.8

Pole vault: Morrison (E), Nizzi (E), Platz (S). H–9-6

High jump: Rupp (S), Hoover (S), Seabury (S). H–5-11

Long jump: Hoover (S), Rupp (S), Bauer (E). D–18-3

Triple jump: Miller (S), Hoover (S), Rupp (S). D–39-2

Shot put: Beaver (E), Bauer (E), Ellinberger (S). D–36-0

Discus: Luce (S), Troutman (S), Yost (S). D–97-2

Javelin: Yost (S), Luce (S), Beaver (E). D–120-5.5


Seneca 114, Eisenhower 36

3,200m relay: Eisenhower. T–13:12

100m hurdles: Hartman (S), Parmeter (S), Peterson (S). T–18.28

100m: Hammik (S), Nelson (S), Bonk (E). T–14.74

1,600m: Post (S), Dorner (S), Cathcart (E). T–5:36

400m: Kimmy (S), Reagle (E), Kennerneck (S). T–1:18

400m relay: Seneca. T–56.9

300m hurdles: Nelson (S), Peterson (S), Clark (E). T–56.9

800m: Smith (S), Cathcart (E), Kimmy (S). T–2:53.2

200m: Hartman (S), Hammill (S), Parmeter (S). T–31.12

3,200m: Post (S), Smith (S), Lasecki (E). T–12:43.2

1,600m relay: Seneca. T–5:01.8

Pole vault: Clark (E), Galkowski (S), Platz (S). H–7-0

High jump: Carrier (S), Jacobs (S), N/A (S). H–4-7

Long jump: Jacobs (S), Carrier (S), Swarm (S). D–13-0

Triple jump: Jacobs (S), Carrier (S), Hoffman (S). D–28-0.5

Shot put: Dunn (E), Carr (S), Woltman (E). D–30-0

Discus: Dunn (E), Walkins (S). D–84-5

Javelin: Hultman (E), Newcomer (S), Kimmy (S). D–84-9


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