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Holden Creal, left, leads Trevor Wills in the 110-meter hurdles. Times Observer photos by Brian Ferry

Warren track and field got started out on the right foot Tuesday, claiming a 96-45 win in the girls meet and a 94-54 win in the boys contest against Kane.

“We had an excellent start to the season,” Warren coach Kevin Dustin said. “We weren’t sure exactly how it was going to go with half of these kids competing for the first time at the high school level and the other half having missed last season. We were pleasantly surprised to see everyone appear as though they never missed a beat.”

Kyleigh Wilson claimed the 100 meters in 13.51 and the 200 meters in 27.7.

Katie Beyer collected wins in the 800 meters (2:32) and the 400 meters (1:08).

Leading the boys in the sprints was Ben White, as he took home the 100 meters in 12.04 and the 200 meters in 23.76.

Laney Gatto soars into the pit during the long jump.

“Coming away with strong wins for both the boys and the girls showed they were ready to compete and show off what they have been working so hard for,” Dustin said. “We don’t currently have district standards, but based off the last list we have we had some qualifiers already. On the boys side we had Ben White (200m), Alex Ziegler (Shotput), and Parker Shene (Triple Jump). The girls team had Kyleigh Wilson (200m and Long Jump), Katie Beyer (800m), and Sophie Olson (Discus). Our girls and boys 400-meter relay teams also put up qualifying standards.”


100m: White (W), Sibits (W), Bohl (K). T–12.04

200m: White (W), Smith (K), Sibits (W). T–23.76

400m: Collins (W), Bell (K), Gardner (W). T–1:02. 46

Kyleigh Wilson, left, and Alexia Bowers run the 100.

800m: Mishic (K), Heeter (W), Reinard (W). T–2:11.67

1,600m: Carr (W), Seyler (W), Reinard (W). T–5:11

3,200m: Carr (W), Kishic (K), Seyler (W). T–10:57

Shotput: Zeigler (W), Morse (K), Greene (W). T–43-2

Discus: Morse (K), Zeigler (W), Greene (W). T–112-6.5

Graham Carr, left and Corban Reinard lead the 800.

Javelin: Zeigler (W), Morse (K), Huckaborek (K). T–138-7.5

High jump: Shene (W), Ferry (W), Wills (W). H–5-0

Long jump: Smith (K), Hayes (W), White (W). D–20-.5

Triple Jump: Bell (K), Shene (W). T–42-0.

110m hurdles: Creal (W), WIlls (W), Sheets (W). T–18.77

300m hurdles: Best (W), Creal (W), Vills (W). T–45.51

3,200m relay: Warren.

400m relay: Warren.

1,600m relay: Kane.


100m: Wilson (W), Gatto (W), Gatto (W). T–13.51.

200m: Wilson (W), Gatto (W), Gatto (W). T–27.7

400m: Beyer (W), Clark (W), McMichael (W). T–1:08

800m: Beyer (W), Koza (K), Johnson (W). T–2:32

1,600m: Johnson (W), Rulander (W), Kophazy (W). T–6:14.14

3,200m: Rulander (W), Kophazy (W), Johnson (W). T–14.24

Shotput: Pollock (W), Stone (W), Castanzo (K). D–29-3

Discus: Olsen (W), Pollock (W), Canstanzo (K). D–100.5

Javelin: Castanzo (K), Hilllman (K), English (W). T–924.5

High jump: Wright (K), English (W), Johnson (W).

Long jump: Clark (W), Gatto (W), Gatto (W). D–15

Triple jump: Konklin (K), English (W), Anderson (K). D–30-7

100m hurdles: Conklin (K), Wright (K), Paris (W). T–18.95

300m hurdles: Wright (K), Bowers (W), Jekielek (K). T–52:83

3,200m relay: Warren.

400m relay: Warren.

1,600m relay: Kane.


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