Eisenhower boys, girls split their two meets

The Eisenhower boys and girls track and field teams split their first two meets of the 2021 season.

The girls defeated Northern Potter, 97-34, and lost to Kane, 87-56. The boys, meanwhile, knocked off Northern Potter, 124-12, but fell to Kane, 82-67.


Eisenhower 124, Northern Potter 12

3,200M relay: Eisenhower (Tyson Morrison, Ethan Kellogg, Alex Hummel, Mathew Cathcart). T–9:20.7

110M hurdles: Austin Guiher (E), Mark Passinger (E). T–21.4

100: Darren Glotz (E), Austin Hannold (E). T–13.7.

1600M: Northern Potter, Ethan Kellogg (E), Tyson Morrison (E).

400: Caleb Robinault (E), Darren Glotz (E), Mathew Carthcart (E). T–55.2.

400M relay: Eisenhower (Hummel, Morrison, Hananold, Robinault). T–47.4.

300 hurdles: Mark Passinger (E). T–1:05.5.

800: Hummel (E), Hunter Gourley (E). T–2:11.7.

200: Robinault (E), Glotz (E). T–24.9.

3200: Northern Potter, Kellogg (E), Gourley (E).

1600 relay: Eisenhower (Glotz, Cathcart, Robinault, Hummel. T–3:57.6.

Pole vault: Tyson Morrison (E). H–8-0.

High jump: Benji Bauer (E). H–4-6.

Long jump: Bauer (E), Cathcart (E), Zack Ciprich (E). D– 15-8.

Triple jump: Bauer (E). D– 33-11.

Shot: Bauer (E), Miakl Beaver (E), Michael Vanatta (E). D–35-8¢.

Discus: Austin Flasher (E), Beaver (E), Penley (E). D–89-10.

Javelin: Beaver (E), Ciprich (E), Jeremyah Aiken (E). D–124-7.

Kane 82, Eisenhower 67

3200M relay: Eisenhower (Morrison, Kellogg, Hummel, Cathcart. T–9:20.7.

110 hurdles: Kane, Guiher (E), Passinger (E).

100: Kane, Glotz, Kane.

1600M: Kellogg, Morrison, Kane. T–5:33.8.

400M: Kane, Robinault (E), Glotz (E).

400 relay: Eisenhower (Hummel, Morrison, Hannold, Robinault), Kane, Kane. T–47.4

300 hurdles: Kane, Kane, Passinger (E).

800: Hummel (E), Kane, Gourley (E). T–2:11.7.

200: Kane, Robinault (E), Kane

3200: Kane, Kellogg (E), Gourley (E).

1600 relay: Kane.

Pole vault: Kane, Morrison (E).

High jump: Kane, Morrison, Kane.

Long jump: Kane, Bauer (E).

Triple jump: Kane, Bauer, Kane.

Shot: Kane, Bauer, Beaver.

Discus: Kane, Flasher, Beaver.

Javelin: Kane, Beaver, Kane.


Eisenhower 97, Northern Potter 34

100M hurdles: Nataly Clark (E). T–20.8.

100: Northern Potter, Katie Bunk (E), Gracie Anthony.

1600: Northern Potter Madison Cathcart (E), Sydney Cronmiller (E).

400: Esther Reagle (E), Gracie Anthony (E). T–1:22.

400M relay: Eisenhower (Mackenzie Dunn

400M relay: Eisenhower (Mackenzie Dunn, Madison Cathcart, Paige Pratt Nataly Clark). T– 1:03.3

300 hurdles: Nataly Clark (E), Paige Pratt (E). T–1:03.3

800: Cathcart (E), Northern Potter, Esther Reagle. T–3:03.6.

200: Northern Potter, Katie Bunk (E), Gracie Anthony.

3200: Northern Potter, Sydney Cronmiller (E), Chloe Lasecki (E).

1600M relay: Eisenhower (Dunn, Rayna Hultman, Karie Bunk, Paige Pratt. T–NA.

Pole vault: Clark (E). H–6-0.

High jump: Cronmiller (E), Agata Landi (E). H–NA.

Long jump: Hultman (E). D–11-3.75.

Triple jump: Landi (E). D–24-8.

Shot: Dunn (E), Hultman (E). D–27-0.

Discus: Dunn (E). D–76-4.

Javelin: Northern Potter, Hultman.

Kane 87, Eisenhower 56

3200M relay: Kane.

100 hurdles: Kane, Kane, Kane.

100: Kane, Katie Bunk (E), Kane.

1600: Madison Cathcart (E), Sydney Cronmiller (E), Chloe Lasecki (E). T–6:52.

400: Kane, Kane, Kane.

400 relay: Kane.

300 hurdles: Kane, Kane, Kane.

800: Kane, Madison Cathcart (E), Kane.

200: Kane, Kane, Kane.

3200: Cronmiller (E), Lasecki (E), Kane. T–15:47.

400 relay: Kane.

Pole vault: Kane, Nataly Clark (E), Kane.

High jump: Kane, Cronmiller (E). Landi (E).

Long jump: Kane, Hultman (E), Kane.

Triple jump: Kane, Kane, Landi (E).

Shot: Mackenzie Dunn (E), Hultman, Kane. D–27-3.

Discus: Dunn (E), Kane, Kane. D–76-4.

Javelin: Hultman (E), Kane, Kane. D–88-10.


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