Cole Cressley rolled a 246-671 and Alex Johnson had a 238-618 in the Youngsville City League at Valley Bowling Center.

Jim Nowacki rolled a 215-600, Mike Cressley a 212-599, Mitch West a 225-592, Ralph Gallo a 192-564 and Mike Hecei a 238-561.


Cody Vincent rolled a 243-275-258-785 and Matt White followed with a 263-213-265-741 in the Catering Plus/Wilcox Bros. League at Valley Bowling Center.

Casey Vincent spilled a 245-693, Dale Johnson a 243-682, Austin Fitzgerald a 269-666, Alex Johnson a 233-666, Ben Mueller a 235-649, John Hanson a 230-645 and Rob Stockton a 221-601.

Mike Cameron cracked a 225-593, Keith White a 205-581, Corry Moore a 222-573 and Blaine Gunn a 205-566.


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