Beyer breaks butterfly record

Times Observer File Photo Warren’s Katie Beyer continued her record-breaking season Wednesday.

Warren’s boys and girls swimming took to the pool for a virtual meet against Erie on Wednesday.

Katie Beyer broke the school’s 100-meter butterfly record with a time of 1:07.88, breaking Amy Corbran’s mark of 1:08.59 set in 2004.

Warren will have to wait for the meet results after Erie takes to the pool and submits its times today.


200m medley relay: Warren (Eliza Brook, Katie Beyer, Paige Johnson, Lyndsey Dippold), Warren 2. T–2:32.77

200m freestyle: Paige Johnson, Sophia Olson, Eliza Brook. T–2:29.31

200m individual medley: Katie Beyer, Kirsten Johnson, Summer Lucks. T–2:32.76

50m freestyle: Kylee Bidwell, Natalie Valentine, Lyndsey Dippold. T–34.63

100m butterfly: Katie Beyer, Summer Lucks. T–1:07.88

100m freestyle: Eliza Brook, Seebe Proper, Natalie Valentine. T–1:12.72

400m freestyle: Sophia Olson, Kylee Bidwell. T–5:22.29

200m free relay: Warren (Summer Lucks, Eliza Brook, Kylee Bidwell, Natalie Valentine), Warren 2. T–2:27.00

100m backstroke: Kirsten Johnson, Seebe Proper. T–1:15.06

400m free relay: Warren (Katie Beyer, Sophie Olson, Kirsten Johnson, Paige Johnson). T–4:33.93

100m breaststroke: Paige Johnson (W). T–1:25.10


200m medley relay: Warren (Hugh Harrison, Christian Johnson, Graham Carr, Jack Seyler), Warren 2. T–2:14.91

200m freestyle: Connor Fehlman, Jason Bonavita, Graham Carr. T–2:36.28

200m individual medley: Derek Hahn. T–2:30.58

50m freestyle: Max Harrison, Jack Seyler, Ethan Kellog. T–26.03

100m butterfly: Hugh Harrison, Derek Hahn. T–1:02.00

100m freestyle: Max Harrison, Graham Carr, Jack Seyler. T–55.59

400m freestyle: Hugh Harrison, Jason Bonavita. T–4:41.35

200m freestyle relay: Warren (Derek Hahn, Hugh Harrison, Max Harrison, Graham Carr), Warren 2. T–1:50.91

100m breaststroke: Connor Fehlman, Christian Johnson. T–1:19.90

400m free relay: Warren (Connor Fehlman, Jarod Peterson, Ethan Kellog, Christian Johnson). T–5:08.55


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