Bowling scores

Scott Gustafson’s 211-562 led the Brokenstraw Couples League at Valley Bowling Center.

Pam Jameson rolled a 198-499 and Lori Gustafson cracked a 169-479.


In the P2 Racing League at Valley Bowling Center, Matt White led with a 286-235-201-722 and Alex Johnson had a 194-268-247-709.

Other high series included: Alan Zubrod (247-692), Rob Buerkle (245-646), Blain Gunn (224-633), Gaylan Critzer (223-626), Chad Campbell (225-604), Rod Whited (215-600), Al Kuzminski (207-570) and Bill Gross (236-560).


Alex Johnson spilled a 245-235-254-734 and CJ Jones had a 289-192-246-727 to lead the Youngsville City League at Valley Bowling Center.

Other high series included: Mike Cressley (222-643), Cole Cressley (227-617), Jim Nowacki (223-603), Al Cressley (231-575), Troy Stewart (215-567) and Bill Kuhlinski (229-561).


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