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RUSSELL — Barb Hill and Sharon Birtcil’s 75 points lead Wednesday Ladies Late League play at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Bonnie Smith and Grace Wheeler lead the Late League with 71.5 points.

Hill and Birtcil had 65.5 points to lead Ladies Early League play after July 1.

Smith and Wheeler led the Late League with 61.5 points.

After July 8

Early: Barb Hill/Sharon Birtcil 75, Sue Ferranto/Sue Wilson 71.5, Daniell Sowers/Jill Dart 69, Veronica Andersen/Elise Brown 67, Shirley Pearson/Blanch Swaney 61.5, Josie Palermo/Sandy Haines 60.5, Joanne Sorenson/Lorraine Diggs 59, Denise Hollingshead/Lois Marshall 58, Peggy Nason/Astrid Bacchetti 57, Donna Holmes/Jackie Darling 51.5

Late: Bonnie Smith/Grace Wheeler 71.5, Mary Gayton/Patty Hurtack 69, Lori Lassen/Sue Melquist 67.5, Cindy Paulmier/Mary Mackey 64.5, Sue Caronia/Gayle Lyon 61, Michele Hawkins/Judy DiGregorio 59.5, Susie Lindquist/Linda Ostrom 58, Candace Laurie/Shelley Saunders 58, Debbie Williams/Jane Benson 55, Bev Grobaski/Sandy Josephson 54

After July 1

Early: Barb Hill/Sharon Birtcil 65.5, Sue Ferranto/Sue Wilson 61.5, Daniell Sowers/Jill Dart 60, Veronica Andersen/Elise Brown 59, Josie Palermo/Sandy Haines 52.5, Shirley Pearson/Blanch Swaney 52, Joanne Sorensen/Lorraine Diggs 50, Peggy Nason/Astric Bachetti 48.5, Denise Hollingshead/Lois Marshall 48, Donna Holmes/Jackie Darling 43

Late: Bonnie Smith/Grace Wheeler 61.5, Cindy Paulmier/Mary Mackey 59.5, Sue Melquist/Lori Lassen 57.5, Mary Gayton/Patty Hurtack 54.5, Michele Hawkins/Judy DiGregorio 51.5, Sue Caronia/Gayle Lyon 51, Debbie Williams/Jane Benson 50, Susie Lindquist/Linda Ostrom 50, Candace Laurie/Shelley Saunders 47.5, Bev Grobaski/Sandy Josephson 44


RUSSELL — Todd Hendricks and Adam Miller’s 30 points lead Fitch 2-Man Scramble play at Cable Hollow Golf Course after Tuesday’s action.

Todd Hendricks/Adam Miller 30, Terry Gray/Teagan Gray 29, Larry Lodestro/Colin Lodestro 26.5, Rich Thomas/Rod Retterer 26.5, Andrew Beyer/Griffin Suppa 25, Craig Litzinger/Dale Melquist 24.5, Jack Werner/Tom Bulicz 24.5, Mike Ponsoll/Greg Senyo 24.5, Bob Slagle/Dana Williams 24, Rick Rohlin/Zach Rohlin 24, Rick Nasman/Tom Walker 23.5, Jack Hellman/Jay Fitch 22.5, Steve Courson/Bob Zurcher 22, Lou Chiado/Jeff Carlson 21.5, David Stewart/Mike Ventura 21, John Vincent/Cody Vincent 20.5, Jack Haser/Dan Hoden 20.5, Steve Johnson/Ken Johnson 19.5, Troy Jackson/Chuck Moffett 18, Doug Wagner/Steve Wilson 17.5, Doug Jordan/Dan Benson 15, Tom Moore/John Elms 15


RUSSELL — Jim Latona and Curt Cardinale’s 57 points lead the Paul Holmes Memorial Golf League at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Jim Latona/Curt Cardinale 57, Jim Casini/John Felton 54, Mark Snarberg/Neil Rounds 54, Dave Mays/Steve Cramer 53.5, Keith Vanstrom/Berry Strausser 51.5, Craig Johnson/Pat Ward 50.5, Stan Zambicki/Jerry Abbey 50, Matt Himes/Dan Zamborik 49, Duane Rosenaw/Jim Griffin 47, John Lindsay/Justin Martin 45.5, Doug Wheeler/Roger Golden 45, Dave Gayton/John Williams 44.5, Dennis Brink/Daryl Brink 44.5, Nathan Markham/Bret Whitling 44, Jim Cooper/John Huff 44, Ken Westphal/Bill Donaldson 43, Mark Dean/Dean Benson 43, Gannon Jackson/Matt Spunaugle 42.5, Dave Samuelson/Steve Olson 42, Rick Carlson/Clayton Wilsie 40, Randy Carlson/Kihm Carlson 39.5, Chris Myers/Tristan Myers 39.5, Kevin Burch/Keigh Fisher 38.5, Paul McGrath/Gary Krueger 37.5, Ron Lemon/Malcom Sheulin 35, Bubby Michael/Moe Michael 22.5


RUSSELL — Sharon Birtcil, Margie Cerra and Rose Colucci shared A Flight low gross with 47s during Blueberry Hill Golf Club Ladies League action on Tuesday.

Colucci had the A Flight’s low net with a 33.

In the B Flight, Sally Maldovan led with a 47 gross and 32 net.

In the C Flight, Gail Kirsch and Lisa Christie tied with gross 51s and Christie had a 31 net.

Janie Bennett’s 50 led the D Flight gross scores and Patty Gern’s 28 led the net scores.

Karen Bednar and Nanc Monaghan had gross 60s in the E Flight while Monaghan’s 33 was the best net score.

In the F Flight, Cindy Schuman had a 60 gross and Beth Lundberg had a 28 net.

Jennifer Hanaway’s 80 was the best score without a handicap.


RUSSELL — Todd Hendricks and Adam Miller have combined for 36 points to lead Tuesday Fitch Disposal 2-Man Scramble play at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Todd Hendricks/Adam Miller 36, Terry Gray/Teagan Gray 32.5, Rich Thomas/Rod Retterer 32, Andrew Beyer/Griffin Suppa 30.5, Larry Lodestro/Colin Lodestro 30, Rick Nasman/Tom Walker 30, Mike Ponsoll/Greg Senyo 29, Jack Hellman/Jay Fitch 28.5, Craig Litzinger/Dale Melquist 28.5, Bob Slagle/Dana Williams 28, Jack Werner/Tom Bulicz 27, John Vincent/Cody Vincent 27, Rick Rohlin/Zach Rohlin 27, David Stewart/Mike Ventura 27, Lou Chiado/Jeff Carlson 26.5, Steve Courson/Bob Zurcher 25, Jask Haser/Dan Hoden 24.5, Steve Johnson/Ken Johnson 24, Troy Jackson/Chuck Moffett 23, Doug Wagner/Steve Wilson 20.5, Tom Moore/John Elms 20, Doug Jordan/Dan Benson 17.5


WARREN — John Lindsay and Casey Vincent combined for a 57 18-hole team better-ball score to lead on Men’s Day at Conewango Valley Country Club last Thursday.

Bob Follett and Bob Metzgar combined for a 59 while Steve Rothenberg and Hirsch Pathak combined for a 61.

Lindsay and Vincent led the 9-hole better-ball scores with a 27 while Vance Lauffenburger and Drew Young tied John Bevevino and Greg Noon with 30s. Mike Barber and Zach Fincher had 31s.

In the “Even Up” contest, Vincent went 5-under and Mike McElrath went 4-under while Metzgar, Phil Simmons, Joe Bees, Pathak, Andy Hanks and Craig Bennett were all 2-under.

Vincent led the Woods Flight gross scores with a 31 while Anthony Deppas had a net 31. In the Spieth Flight, Fincher had a 39 while Rick Sotir had a net 35. In the Nicklaus Flight, Hirsch and Pathak both had 38s while McElrath had a net 32. In the Palmer Flight, Simmons had a 45 and Metzgar had a net 35.

Maurice Bennett birdied No. 16 and Austin Stoddard eagled No. 10. Trevor Olsen was closest to the pin on No. 11 and Kevin Kaszuba made the longest putt, from 23.5 feet, on No. 13.


RUSSELL — Sam Marek had a gross 37 and Tom Schultz had a net 29 during Monday Blueberry Senior League play at Blueberry Hill Golf Course.

Marek, Scott Campbell, Ed Streich, Dick Merenick, Bob Buerkle, Karl Grosch, Clifford Jenkins, Tim Bleech and Kevin Harley each made a birdie.

Ed Shults of Warren leads the team results with 25 points.

Gross: Sam Marek 37, Dick Merenick 38, Scott Campbell 39, Jeff McClement 39

Net: Tom Schultz 29, Ralph Kenison 31, Casey Brent 32, Al Schumann 32, Ron Rickerson 32

Team Results: Ed Shults of Warren 25, Conklin Restoration 24, Ralph-E’s Pub 23, American Legion 22.5, Frailey’s 22.5, Mullen’s Auto Repair 22.5, NAPA Auto Parts 22, Morning Sun 21.5, VFW AmVets 20, Borden Funeral Home 20, Sheffield Timber 18.5, Voty’s Insurance 18, United Refining 17.5, Mt. Laurel FCU 17.5, Alabaugh’s Radiators 17.5, Midtown Motors 15, Jones Chevrolet 11


LAKEWOOD, N.Y. — Tim Sandberg’s 35 led the Youngsville Area Senior Golf League at Maplehurst Country Club on June 30.

Larry Jewell and Dick Stout tied for low net with 30s.

Denny Howe made three birdies and Jim Fehlman made two. Sandberg, John Meleen, Rod Korbar, Tom Klingensmith, John Blum and Rick Hutley each made one birdie.

Gross: Tim Sandberg 35, Pete Hofert 37, Denny Howe 37, Art Ward 39

Net: Larry Jewell 30, Dick Stout 30, Dean Berisford 31, Neil Himber 32


LAKEWOOD, N.Y. — Tim Sandberg led the way for the second straight week by firing a gross 37, one shot better than Al Kuzminski and two better than Ron Brown and Pete Hofert in the Youngsville Area Senior Golf League at Maplehurst Country Club on July 7.

Brown Kuzminski, Larry Jewell and Fred Carder paced the net scores with a 31. One shot back were Juan Torres, Art Ward and Ron Davidson. Bill Gross and Norm Button were third with a 33 apiece.

Kuzminski and Brown each recorded an eagle, while Gross, Torres, Jim Fehlman, Jewell, Bob Holt and Ward had birdies.


ASHVILLE, N.Y. — Alex Sullivan shot a 40 for low gross, Beth Dirgirolamo and Bonnie Green tied for low net with a 31 and Cheryl Johnson had the fewest putts with 16 to pace Class A in the Monday Partakers League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

In Class B, Nancy Baker and Val Brunco tied for low gross with a 53, Sandy Nelson had the low net with a 33 and Emma McCreary had the fewest putts with 16.

Rosemary Allen recorded a birdie on No. 7.


ASHVILLE, N.Y. — The team of Dave Kolstee, Mike Brandow, Jim Bentley and John Thayer shot a 74 to claim the Wednesday Morning Midseason Tournament at Timber Creek Golf Course.

The team of Darrell Gruber, Ken Beebe, Jack Brunco and Ted Chase was one shot back with a 75, while the team of Howie Moore, Steve Martins, Paul Hopkins and Vincent Gates was third with a 76.


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