Warren American Legion d. Pitches be Trippin, 15-14

Real Living/Napoli’s d. Shurfine, 16-4

WM Jenkins Trucking d. Crescent Beer, 12-9

Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill d. Fifties, 14-10

Park Avenue Motor Car d. Sons of Sugar Grove American Legion, 13-2

Superior Tire d. Northwest Electric, 22-11

DZ Designs Dingers d. McKissock Madness, 24-5

Brant Pharmaceuticals d. Darr Snowplowing, 23-3


DZ Designs Dingers: 2-0

Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill: 2-0

Park Avenue Motor Car: 2-0

Real Living/Napoli’s: 2-0

WM Jenkins Trucking: 2-0

Brant Pharmaceuticals: 1-1

Fifties: 1-1

Northwest Electric: 1-1

Pitches be Trippin: 1-1

Superior Tire: 1-1

Warren American Legion: 1-1

Crescent Beer: 0-2

McKissock Madness: 0-2

Shurfine: 0-2

Sons of Sugar Grove American Legion: 0-2

Darrs Snowplowing: 0-2


Each with 2 HRS:

Chris Johnson – Brant Pharmaceuticals

Ricky Guzman -Fifties

Derrick Harper – Fifties

Andrew Morrison – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

Billy Lawson – Park Avenue Motor Car

Collin Lehnan – Pitches be Trippin

Drew Higgins – Pitches be Trippin

Hunter Geckle – Real Living/Napoli’s

Nick Pace – Real Living/Napoli’s

Zach Spinks – WM Jenkins Trucking

Each with 1 HR:

Chris Johnson – Brant Pharmaceuticals

Dan Lane – Brant Pharmaceuticals

JJ Matve – Brant Pharmaceuticals

Jake Sleasman – Brant Pharmaceuticals

Scott Miller – Crescent Beer

Chester Cuikaj – DZ Designs Dingers

Brendan Winslow – Fifties

Matt Spuggs – Fifties

Dan Bullock – McKissock Madness

Austin Schwanke – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

Derek Reagle – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

Carter Cerra – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

Brendan Lobdell – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

Joe Pelligrino – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

Kylie Munch – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill

John White – Park Avenue Motor Car

Ryan Cunningham – Park Avenue Motor Car

Matt Erickson – Park Avenue Motor Car

Scott Fox – Park Avenue Motor Car

Andy Kerr – Park Avenue Motor Car

Nick Lucas – Pitches be Trippin

Bobby Atkins – Real Living/Napoli’s

Matt Fox – Superior Tire

Mike Kay – Superior Tire

Joey Letendre – Superior Tire

James Frazier – Warren American Legion

Caleb Hultman – WM Jenkins Trucking

John McQuillan – WM Jenkins Trucking


JUNE 26, 2020


6:00 – Pitches be Trippin v Fifties

7:30 – Munch Appliance Repair/Peppermill v WM Jenkins Trucking

9:00 – Real Living/Napoli’s v Sons of Sugar Grove American Legion


6:00 – Northwest Electric v Warren American Legion

7:30 – Brant Pharmaceuticals v Crescent Beer

9:00 – DZ Designs Dingers v Darr’s Snowplowing


6:00 – Shurfine v Superior Tire

7:30 – Park Avenue Motor Car v McKissock Madness


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