D10, WCSD crafting fall sports plan

Board could vote on the issue as early as tonight

As Warren County School District prepares for its academic reopening in the fall, a parallel effort is being made to prepare for fall sports.

Not all of that work is being done within the district. Establishing the basics of a plan is a collective effort of District 10.

“It is being done by administrators, athletic directors and superintendents within District 10,” Director of Administrative Support Services Gary Weber said.

With the reopening of schools, each district could do its own thing. For interscholastic sports, there is an interest in commonality.

“If we are going to be playing one another, we want common expectations, so we can provide consistency within District 10,” Weber said.

The basics will be crafted by the group, but the document will be modified by the members.

“Each school is making slight modifications to meet the needs of their individual school districts,” Weber said.

In Warren County School District, the modifications will be made by the central office administration.

Once that work is done, the final decision rests in the hands of the school board. The board will hold a special meeting today alongside its monthly committee meetings. That special meeting was not specifically called to address this issue – the budget must be approved – but the sports plan could be on the agenda, as could an academic reopening plan. The board has a regular meeting scheduled for July 13.

“We are hoping to have it prepared and ready for the board Monday night,” Weber said. “We need to go through and make some alignments to the academic plan so we are consistent in our approach.”

If the plan is ready, the board could take action.

“It is not contingent on the academic plan being approved at the same time,” he said.

An approval won’t suddenly open the floodgates to athletic activities, but they could follow shortly thereafter.

“After the board has approved the plan and coaches have attended a school-based athletic meeting with coaches, athletic director and principal to review the plan, they will have the approval to start,” Weber said. “We have to have an opportunity to review the plan with each attendance area before they can begin any scheduled events.”


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