Senior Day — Devin Navaroli

Recognizing our senior athletes from the almost 2020 spring season

Devin Navaroli

Parents: Don and LaTroy Navaroli

Spring Sport: Track and field

Position: Distance and mid-distance

Coach: Kevin Dustin

Other Sports: Soccer, cross country

Favorite thing about being involved in sports: Challenging yourself and setting goals.

What I will miss the most about high school: Competing alongside my friends throughout my four years of high school

What has this crisis taught me as a high school senior: Never take anything for granted because it can be taken away in an instant.

Anywhere in the world I would travel: Italy or Flagstaff, Arizona

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Favorite hobby: Running

Favorite social media: Instagram

Artist on loop: Tyler, the Creator, but it changes month to month

Something people would be surprised to know: I can play the flute.

The best advice someone has given me: Live in the present and appreciate the now.

Plans after graduation: Attend Slippery Rock University, and run cross country and track

Message to underclassmen: Instead of approaching high school with a “next year” or “by senior year” attitude, look at it as “why not now?” Accomplish as much as possible so you can reach new heights later without putting a limit on your success.


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