Senior Day — Delaney Alcorn

Recognizing our senior athletes from the almost 2020 spring season

Delaney Alcorn

Today’s senior is Delaney Alcorn of the Warren track and field team:

Parents: Rich and Lisa Alcorn

Spring Sport: Track and Field

Events: Sprint and Jump

Coaches: Kevin Dustin, Mark Sweet

Other Sports: Fall Cheerleading

Favorite sports memories: Bus rides to away meets with my friends, Saturday practices when Sweet would bring us donuts, going to Districts

What is your favorite thing about being involved in sports?: Doing it with friends, making memories

What will you miss most about high school sports?: Seeing all of my friends every day and being involved in things like sports that we can do together

What has living through this crisis as a high school senior taught you?: To not wait to do things and to take every opportunity to do things in high school because it could be cut short

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?: Australia or Bali

Cats or dogs?: Dogs

Favorite hobby?: Running, baking, napping

Favorite social media platform?: Instagram

If you could only have one artist/group on a repeat playlist, who would it be?: Bryce Vine

What is the best piece of advice that someone has given you?: Live life for yourself, not for others… You’re only living for yourself not for anyone else, so don’t care what anyone else thinks

Plans after graduation: To attend Youngstown State University in the fall and major in Dental Hygiene

Message to underclassmen: Take every opportunity you get and make as many memories as you can because its over fast


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