Senior Day — Aubrianna Navaroli

Recognizing our senior athletes from the almost 2020 spring season

Aubrianna Navaroli

Today’s senior is Aubrianna Navaroli of the Warren track and field team:

Parents: Don and LaTroy Navaroli

Spring sport: Track

Events: Mid-distance and long jump

Coach: Kevin Dustin

Other sports: Soccer, bowling, dance, snowboarding.

Favorite sport memories: Winning the D10 soccer championship, running the two-mile with Nina, and watching Devon win races.

Favorite thing about being involved in sports: Having a second family in the team.

What you’ll miss most about high school sports: Being able to do what I love with my friends and making the community proud.

Living through the crisis: Even though I am missing a lot of important milestones, there are so many things that are far more important, and I need to be grateful for what I have.

If you could travel anywhere: Anywhere in Italy — the towns are beautiful and I’d like to see where my family came from.

Any pets?: I have a German Shepherd named Emma and a cat named Toby.

Favorite hobby: Reading or singing, I can’t choose.

Favorite social media platform: As much time as I spend on social media, I don’t particularly enjoy it, or rather wish I didn’t.

What music you would play on repeat: Oh, goodness, I could never choose. Maybe Rex Orange County.

Something surprising about you that people may not know: I love to weave. It was something I used to enjoy doing at the LEC and I wish I still had the means to do it.

Best advice from someone: If you really want to do something, don’t ever let anyone tell you no — do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Plans after graduation: Go to Penn State and major in Pre-Med, eventually attend medical school, and spend my life helping others.

Message to underclassman: Participate in as many clubs and sports as you can; you will only regret the things you didn’t try.

Someone who inspires you: I’d have to say my dad. He is so kind to everyone he meets and never judges anyone. He’s just a great person.


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