Senior Day — Angelina Whitcomb

Recognizing our senior athletes from the almost 2020 spring season

Angelina Whitcomb

Today’s senior is Angelina Whitcomb of the Sheffield track & field team:

Parents: Ron & Jessica Kelly; Jake Whitcomb

Spring sport: Track

Coach: Julie Finch

Other sports: Soccer

Favorite sports memory: Winning D10 championships for 1st time

What was your favorite thing about being involved in sports?: Being a part of a team the comradery and playing on the field.

What will you miss most about high school sports?: The love of the game of soccer and stepping on the field to play and, in track, I will miss running.

What has living through this crisis as a high school senior taught you?: It has taught me not to take things for granted, wish for things to be different and to appreciate what you have and the time you had with friends and teachers. Things and life are not always guaranteed and can be gone in an instant. However, it has taught me to appreciate my time with my family and to appreciate where I have come and what I have accomplished this far.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?: To Figi; I’ve always admired it and wanted to visit there.

Cats or dogs: Dogs!

Favorite hobby: Being a volunteer fire fighter.

If you could have one artist/group on a repeat playlist, who would it be?: Khalid.

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?: This year was my junior year, but I took on both my junior and senior classes this year to graduate a year early to enlist in the United States military.

Best piece of advice that someone has given you?: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, especially while trying to follow your dreams and goals. You can do anything you want if you put heart and dedication into it.

Plans after graduation: Join the United States Army and attend college for law enforcement.

Message to underclassmen: Play every game and run every race like it’s your last.

Coach Finch: “Angelina is an amazing young lady who has worked hard through her high school career and has even earned the right to graduate a year early from all her hard work and dedication. Not only is she a hard worker in school and on the field/track but she is very active with her local junior fire fighting station. I’m so very proud to have gotten to know her through the past several years. She had a very bright future ahead of her and she will be missed.”


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