Golf Results

Results of the Youngsville Area Senior Golf League held at Maplehurst Country Club on Tuesday, May 26:

1st-place ross: Pete Hofert (38)

2nd-place gross: Tim Sandberg (39)

3rd-place gross: Denny Howe (40)

1st-place net: Pete Hofert (32)

2nd-place net: Fred Carder, Marty Yucha (33)

3rd-place net: Ken Teats, Doug Thompson (34)

Birdies: Jim Fehlman, Pete Hofert, Ron Holmes, John Meleen, Tim Sandberg, Bob Stevens, Gary VanGuilder


Here are the total points from Tuesday’s Fitch Disposal 2-man Scramble at Cable Hollow Golf Course:

Rich Thomas and Rod Retterer, 8.5 points; Larry Lodestro and Colin Lodestro, 7; Terry Gray and Teagan Gray, 7; Rick Rohlin and Zach Rohlin, 5.5; Bob Slagle and Dana Williams, 5.5; Rick Nasman and Tom Walker, 5.5; John Vincent and Cody Vincent, 5.5; Jack Hellman and Jay Fitch, 5; Andrew Beyer and Griffin Suppa, 5; Chad Litzinger and Dale Melquist, 5; Todd Hendricks and Adam Miller, 5; Mike Ponsoll and Greg Senyo, 4.5; Lou Chiado and Jeff Carlson, 4; Doug Jordan and Dan Benson, 4; Steve Courson and Bob Zurcher, 4; Steven Johnson and Ken Johnson, 3.5; David Stewart and Mike Ventura, 3.5; Doug Wagner and Steve Wilson, 3.5; Jack Haser and Dan Hoden, 3.5; Ghost Team, 2; Jack Werner and Tom Bulicz, 2; Tom Moor and John Elms, .5.


Here are the total points from Wednesday Ladies League Early play at Cable Hollow Golf Course:

Josie Palermo and Sandy Haines, 14.5; Joanne Sorensen and Lorraine Diggs, 11.5; Elise Brown and Veronica Andersen, 10.5; Sharon Birtcil and Barb Hill, 10; Jill Dart and Danell Sowers, 9.5; Shirley Pearson and Blanch Swaney, 8.5; Sue Ferranto and Sue Wilson, 8; Jackie Darling and Carol Melson, 7.5; Denise Hollingshead and Lois Marshall, 6.5; Peggy Nason and Astric Bacchetti, 3.5.


Here are the total points from Wednesday Ladies League Late play at Cable Hollow Golf Course:

Grace Wheeler and Bonnie Smith, 14; Cindy Paulmier and Mary Mackey, 12.5; Sue Melquist and Lorri Lassen, 11; Mary Gayton and Patty Hurtack, 9.5; Debbie Williams and Jane Benson, 9.5; Sue Caronia and Gayle Lyon, 8.5; Michele Hawkins and Judy Digregorio, 8.5; Candace Laurie and Shelley Saunders, 7; Bev Brobaski and Sandy Josephson, 5.5.

A Flight: Low gross: Marcie Cerra (46), low net: Cerra (35)

B Flight: Low gross: Sally Moldovan (51); low net: Moldovan (35)

C Flight: Low gross: Patti Larson (55); low net: Larson (37)

D Flight: Low gross: Martha Betts (56); low net: Betts (35)

E Flight: Low gross: Karen Bednar (60); low net: Bednar, Jennie Caldwell (35)

F Flight: Low gross: Heather Schultz (62); low net: Schultz (29)


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