Corporate Cup Soccer Showcase in summer plans

The 2020 NY/PA Corporate Cup Soccer Showcase, already postponed on its original May 17 date at Pitt-Bradford, is not canceled yet.

On Sunday, organizer Kris Linderman said he remains “hopeful and positive” there will be a game.

In addition to Warren boys head coach Denny Flatt and Warren girls head coach Jeremy Bickling being assistant coaches for potential all-star games, respectively, Warren’s Jack Darling, John Page, Ryon Flatt, Zane Anderson, Wesley Kiehl, and Ian Darling are listed on the Pennsylvania boys’ roster, and Warren’s Madeline Fadale, Georgie Bickling, and Kyleigh Wilson on the PA girls’ roster. Wilson also played in last year’s event.

“The players are itching to get to play and we are hopeful for some type of return to normalcy,” said Linderman.

“As far as future game dates,” he said, “we are planning a July or early August game date and should be able to schedule that toward the beginning of June. Considering that PA is in the Yellow phase in the McKean County area and our area in N.Y. is moving toward that direction and, it is only May 17th. If things keep improving over the next weeks like they have the past couple weeks, then we feel that a July or early August make-up date would be possible. Of course, that depends on if things keep improving. Given the green light to play, we are ready to go.”

Linderman announced that the annual Media Day event prior to the game is canceled. A pack of “goodies,” including the game day uniform, is being delivered, in person or by mail, to players and coaches. Of the 95 players and 23 coaches, Linderman said on Sunday that only 20 remained on their list to deliver and should receive their uniforms this week.

“We are still putting together our game day program,” he said. “All player profiles have been completed and all business ads have been completed. Just have to plug in the photos when we get them from the players and coaches. We can still add more business ads but we feel that this is not the time to be approaching businesses for ads considering many of them are not open and the current climate is not conducive to it. We can add more, though, if you know of any that might be interested. Just have them email or call me. “Once everyone has their uniform, I have asked them to send me a photo of them with their uniform on and we will then use that for our game day program photo,” he said. “Not ideal, but it will suffice considering the circumstances.”

Updates are available on Facebook (Mazza the Corporate Cup), Twitter (@oleansoccerclub) and Instagram (@nypa_soccer-showcase).


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