Jamestown Tarp Skunks unveil 2020 uniforms

Alternate black.

The Jamestown Tarp Skunks unveiled their 2020 uniforms Thursday and, according to general manager Frank Fanning, “the players are going to have a lot of fun customizing their look for games.”

That’s provided, of course, that the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League will have a season at all due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are still scheduled to play for the May 29 home opener,” Fanning said in a statement, “but we will follow all state and federal safety guidelines, and will shadow closely what the professional leagues are doing. If anything changes with our season, there will be immediate updates.”

It’s clear that Fanning can’t wait to show off the team’s new look, which features home and “alternate” uniforms, seven weeks from now.

“The Jock Shop (on Harrison Street in Jamestown) and Brandiose (a branding company based in San Diego) have been incredible in this process,” Fanning said. “Brandiose took a pretty rough drawing from me and really spun it to look amazing. When (Brandiose representatives) and I sat together in San Diego at (baseball’s) winter meetings, we threw lots of ideas around.”

Alternate black.

Those ideas included an all-black skunk uniform, with the addition of an electric tarp blue. From there, the folks at the Jock Shop, including Randy Marsh, took over.

“I think we’re on to something very unique and special,” Fanning said. “Road grays are kind of boring to me, and we really wanted our look to pop.”

The Tarp Skunks’ uniforms consist of a traditional home white kit with black socks and belt, as well as an all-black alternate uniform, which can be worn on the road or at home.

“The combinations are vast, considering the all-black uniform can be worn with black or blue socks and belt,” Fanning said. “As well, the home white can be worn with black or blue socks and belt. The caps on the field are produced by Zephyr, and the alternate uniform will have a second cap to be released closer to the baseball season.”

While season plans have not been confirmed because of the global health concerns, Fanning said the Tarp Skunks will be ready to go when/if the team is given the green light.

Home white.

“We all believed in the magic of it all,” he said of the uniform design. “…

It’s a stylish look that’s going to stand out with the best of the best.”

Home white.

Home white.


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