Nominations open for 2020 class of Warren County Sports HOF

Shown are the 2010 inductees for the Warren County Sports Hall of Fame, the last class to be inducted. They include Adam Bartsch, Nikki Bailas Harrison, Cliff Betts, Tim Creall II, Tom Firth, Nancy Hillard, Dean Johnson, Jake Kingston, Sue Martin, Wayne Schmader, Tony Scordo, Julie McChesney Stiles, Jon Myler, Tim Sabella and Steve Witte. Nominations for the Class of 2020 are officially open.

Nominations are now open for induction into the 2020 class of the Warren County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.

“We are unsure of when the banquet will happen with everything going on,” said director Nate Sandberg. “But we will, as stated previously, do as much as we can, and will keep the community of Warren County as up to date as possible. Anyone may nominate a worthy athlete, coach, official, or anyone who has made contributions to the betterment of Warren County Sports.”

The nominators do not have to be members of the Hall of Fame. Nominations are welcome from everyone and will be accepted immediately. The closing date for nominations is unsure, but will be determined upon the flow of forms that come in.

How does one become eligible for the Hall of Fame? The nominee must be at least 30 years old and have been an outstanding athlete in either high school, college, amateur, or professional sports. Coaches, managers, officials, and administrators who have made a significant contribution to sports are encouraged to be nominated. No age requirement is needed for deceased nominees.

The nominees need not live in Warren, but their roots should be here. This means that the individual either lived in Warren County or participated in sports in Warren County.

Their contributions to sports may be outside of Warren, but the individual should have a connection to Warren County. “We are unsure of the actual number of nominees we will be inducting. We will analyze the quality of the nominees and work from there.”

All eligible nominees will be placed on the ballot for HOF election in 2020.

“We do not induct teams into the Hall of Fame, however, teams, or outstanding programs which contributed to the betterment of sports may be honored at the induction ceremony and banquet. There past contributors included organizers of athletic events, businesses who supported athletic programs and special goal-oriented sports programs.

The previous inductees are as follows:

– – –

Class of 1993: Nick Creola Sr., Steve Eisenhauer, Joe Kulbacki, J.B. Leidig, Pat Madden, Joe Massa Sr., Ed O’Neil, Toby Shea, and Tom Tellman

Organization: Betts Foundation

Class of 1994: Greg Beardsley, Nick Creola Jr., George “Ace” Hesch, Peter J. Juliano, Carl “Perry” Linborg, Bill Meade, Bill Moniak, Gail Nelson, G. Reid Pierce, and Reuben “Rabbit” Swanson

Organization: Blair Corporation

Class of 1995: John Bowen, Chuck Daly, Joe Frisina, Jim Gibson, Kim Mong Main, Sally O’Leary, Dan O’Neil, Marry “Rosey” Rosequist, Tony Ross, and Dick Thompson.

Organization: National Forge Company

Class of 1996: Pam Bonadio Dore, R. Mark Evans, Myron Jewell, Arthur Johnson, Rick Johnson, Robert H. Lind, Norge Luvison, Ralph Santo, and Dave Walters.

Organization: Sheffield Sports Boosters

Class of 1997: Robert Benson, Tom Creola, Anne Fitzgerald, Dan Petchel, Ted Shattuck, Dave Steffan, Paul Steinkamp, and Tony Tomassoni.

Organization: The Jones Chevrolet Family

Class of 1998: Michael Cashmere, Jeff Erickson, Homer Fleming, Bob Hammerbeck, Harold Kiser Jr., Kurt von Kleist Jr., John W. (Jack) Swanson Charity Weissinger, and Willard Zerbe.

Organization: Blueberry Hill Golf Club

Class of 2000: Ronnie Blackmer, Carl Falvo, Tommy Gerarde, Lee Goldwaite, Greg Latimer, Robert “Red” Lytle, Bud Matthews, Richard Pascuzzi, Carl Seeker, Raymond Sorenson, and Joe Wozneak.

Organization: Warren Sports Boosters

Class of 2001: Jeff Bartsch, Wayne “Lefty” Check. Joe Fazio, Randy Graves, Joe Kelly Mike Phillips, and Keith Vesling.

Organization: PA State Fishing Tournament

Class of 2003: Ed Benedict, J. Dennis Engstrom, David Fehlman, Tim Latimer, Lucille Leathers, Emory Mahan, Steve Massa Sr., Monte Scott, and Julie (Firth) Torbett

Class of 2004:

Class of 2006: John “Nonny” Castagnino, Tony Ferra, Buster Godden, Travis Godden, Jim Hoffner, Seth Meyers, Don Mohney, Larry Persing, Paul Pollack, Roy Swanson, and Father Rick Tomasone

Organization: 1964 Athletic Field Lighting Group

Class of 2008: George Becker, Dr. Ross Bryan, Mary Conarro, Conrad Danielson, Pete Fanaritis, Joe Farr, Walt Fredericks, John Imperial, Matt Kiser, Jennifer Lopus Madril, Jim Miller, Steve Norris, Tim & Todd Nyquist, and Jim Scott.

Organization: Allegheny Outdoor Club

Class of 2010: Adam Bartsch, Nikki Bailas Harrison, Cliff Betts, Thomas (Tim) Creal II, Tom Firth, Nancy Hillard, Dean Johnson, Jake Kingston, Sue Martin, Wayne Schmader, Tony Scordo, Julie McChesney Stiles, Jonathan Myler, Tim Sabella, and Steve Witte.

Organization: Warren/ Forest County Chapter of PASR

Any suggestions on worthy teams or programs may be sent to the committee as well. Any questions may be directed to anyone on the WCSHOF board of directors to include Director Nate Sandberg, Jeff Bartsch, Andy Close, Corky Fry, Buster Godden, Tim Juiliano, Jen Madril, Dan Pellegrino, Tom Santo, Jon Sitler, and Bruce Williams

Nominations can be submitted by either filling out the provided nomination form or printing out the form on the Facebook page: Warren County Sports Hall of Fame.

Please mail the letter to: Warren County Sports Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 61, Warren, PA. 16365. For questions regarding nominations, please either email natesandy31@gmail.com, contact any board member, or message the Facebook page.


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