Little League off until at least May 11

Add one more to the list of leagues postponing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Warren County Youth Baseball Softball Association announced on its Facebook page Wednesday that, in accordance with Little League International recommendations, it would be postponing the start of its season until May 11.

“On Monday, March 16, Little League International recommended the delay of all league seasons/activities until May 11,” the post said. “The WCYBSA plans to honor the advice of Little League International at this time as a precaution with the COVID-19 virus situation. Therefore, team practices should not begin until May 11 unless directed otherwise. Game schedules that were previously disseminated should be discarded at this time.”

Little League International encouraged local leagues to work collaboratively with their respective authorities, school districts and health departments to determine a start date for the season.

“Little League International strongly advises that local programs follow the guidance of their local authorities, evaluating school district closures, and local health department recommendations before resuming season play,” the organization posted on its website. “Little League will be considerate of the missed game play opportunities as we establish an interim policy for tournament eligibility for the 2020 tournament season. It is our hope to alleviate any concerns of the impact of the situation on the tournament season and that your league and its families can focus on the health and well-being of your community at this time.”

The WCYBSA post went on to say the Umpire Clinic scheduled for Sunday has been postponed as well as other events on the calendar.

“Equipment distribution, The T-Mobile Home Run Derby, mid-season tournament and any other events on the calendar will be rescheduled to later dates once we get clearance from LL, Int. to proceed with our season,” the WCYBSA post said. “If anything changes in the meantime, we will provide as much notice as possible.”

One item on the calendar that hasn’t changed is the work bee scheduled for April 5.

The situation, of course, remains fluid as communities react to the global pandemic.

“We will continue to provide updates to all players, volunteers, and families as we receive communication from Little League International,” the WCYBSA said. “Thank you for you time, consideration and patience. This has been a very difficult and stressful time for us all and we know how anxious everyone is to move forward; however, the safety of our children must remain paramount moving forward.”


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