Johnson nearly perfect at Valley

Photo submitted to the Times Observer Casie Anderson is in 1st grade at Youngsville and is a first year bowler. She has an average of 38 and Saturday bowled her high career game (85) and series (234).

Alex Johnson was one pin away from a perfect game and two other bowlers rolled 700 series during Catering Plus/Wilcox Brox. Classic League play at Valley Bowling Center.

Johnson had a 289 first game, then followed it up with a 299. He finished with a 759 series. Matt White was only 10 pins behind with a 749 and Cody Vincent cracked 700 with a 704. White had a high game of 268, while Vincent rolled a 279 high game.

Faith Johnson had another strong outing in the Warren High School league. The senior rolled a 540 series with a 206 high game. John Page just missed a 500 series with a 495.

Johnson topped herself in the Saturday Strikers league with a 607. She added a high game of 235. Dominic Sproveri rolled a high of 166 and finished with a 419 series.


Photo submitted to the Times Observer Faith Johnson is finishing her high school bowling career strong this season. She bowled a 607 series during Saturday Strikers league play, and had a 540 during the Warren High School league action.

Valley Bowling Center

Catering Plus / Wilcox Bros. Classic League,: Alex Johnson bowling for Insight Technology 289-299-171-759; Matt White bowling for White’s Excavating 268-223-258-749; Cody Vincent 205-279-220-704; Ben Mueller 264-683; C.J. Jones 255-659; Jon Stuart 237-644; Jeff McMeans 224-639; Keith White 255-605; Corry Moore 223-586; Dale Johnson 236-574; Blaine Gunn 206-569; Ben Perkins 212-564

Warren High School: Alyssa Anderson 144-348, Zane Anderson 92-254, Bhodie Cummings 141-359, Lennon Dailey 153-386, Maddie Fadale 147-342, Joe Greene 168-393, Hunter Harding 101-277, Hailey Jenkins 118-307, Faith Johnson 206-540, Wesley Kiehl 122-316, Kaelah Knupp 129-310, Halee Mineweaser 162-374, Sawyer Mohney 105-295, Taylor Napolitan 110-290, Aubrianna Navaroli 108-272, John Page 201-495, Jackie Peterson 116-301, Sydney Rex 123-305, Hanna Ruland 125-343, Jessica Susz 119-347, Jamal Tagba 114-260, Alex Zeigler 124-310

Brokenstraw Couples: Feb. 14–Sue Bingman 173-483, Austin Fitzgerald 213-566, Jed Kepple 225-593. Feb. 21 –Ron Jameson 227-567, Pam Jameson 222-589

Saturday Strikers: Tanner Albaugh 63-170, Casie Anderson 85-234, Hunter Braley 90-192, Ella Card 120-302, Ryker Chase 63-156, Tydus Chase 150-366, James Crawford 90-246, Marissa Eck 57-155, Corban Edwards 66-168, Corinthia Edwards 134-353, Leigh Erickson 65-177, Eric Irons 62-167, Faith Johnson 190-182-235-607, Tommy Jukes 141-382, Peytynn Kirby 91-237, Keagan Lehnen 79-175, Eden Madigan 66-169, Payten Mechling 135-347, Deirdre Nelson 123-365, Allyson Peate 113-286, Steven Rex 107-292, Dominic Sproveri 166-419, Eric Steuart 69-189, Wyatt Walters 60-167, Logan Wightman 71-170, Ava Young 67-172, Emlei Yurchisin 46-129

Rusted Nutz Garage: Darcy Rex 212-598; Gary Troyer 215-595; Kristi Eck 179-471


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