Dragon swimmers drop close meets to Erie High

ERIE, Pa. – The Warren swim teams traveled to Erie and lost a pair of excruciatingly close meets – 85-83 for the girls and 76-73 for the boys.

“It was their senior night and they were pretty geeked up,” said Warren coach Russ Beyer. “All of our kids swam hard. We had a lot of them that are under the weather and they gutted it out.”

Max Harrison had a strong meet for the boys, winning the 100 free and 100 back and teaming with Connor Fehlman, Derek Hahn and Tommy Rice to win the 200 medley relay.

“Max Harrison won the 100 free against their best freestyle swimmer and 100 back against their best backstroker. He had an awesome meet,” Beyer said.

Fehlman won the 200 IM and 100 breaststroke and Hahn the 100 fly.

“Derek Hahn swam very competitively,” noted coach Beyer. “Nick Gorton is really coming into his own in the breaststroke. As a first-year swimmer and senior he’s 4.5 seconds away from districts. I hope he makes it. He’s working hard.

“Jarod Peterson had a noticeable time difference in the 100 fly. Jarod reminds me of Connor (Fehlman) a little bit. Same type of mindset; just going to keep plugging away. Coaches love to have kids like that on their team. Ethan Monroe and Graham Carr also had some of their best times.”

The girls won both the 200 medley relay and the 400 free relay.

Paige Johnson took first in the 200 IM, as did Gabrielle Hahn in the 50 free and Katie Beyer in both the 100 fly and 100 backstroke.

“Paige Johnson had a good meet in her IM and her relay splits,” noted coach Beyer. “She almost broke a minute in her free relay split, which is a milestone.

“Grace Pennucci and Eva Turner put some good times up in the 50 and Seebe Proper and a good meet as well.”

The Dragons travel to Corry on Monday.

“The kids are excited for that one,” Beyer said.

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Erie 85,Warren 83

200 Medley Relay: 1. Warren (Kirsten Johnson, Paige Johnson, Katie Beyer, Gabrielle Hahn) 2:03.24; 2. Erie; 3. Warren

200 Free: 1. Cassie Ellsworth (E) 2:10.62; 2. Sophie Olson (W); 3. Sydney Roche (E)

200 IM: 1. Paige Johnson (W) 2:29.65; 2. Kirsten Johnson (W); 3. Isabelle Nadzam (E)

50 Free: 1. Gabrielle Hahn (W) 26.58; 2. Anna Grychowski (E); 3. Mikaela Vahey (E)

100 Fly: 1. Katie Beyer (W) 1:05.81; 2. Julia DeRooy (E); 3. Thalia VanLuven (E)

100 Free: 1. Mikaela Vahey (E) 1:05.71; 2. Grace Pennucci (W); 3. Bronwyn Heisler (E)

500 Free: 1. Cassie Ellsworth (E) 5:56.56; 2. Sophie Olson (W); 3. Madison DiSanza (E)

200 Free Relay: 1. Erie (Grychowski, Vahey, DeRooey, Ellsworth) 1:52.70; 2. Warren; 3. Erie

100 Back: 1. Katie Beyer (W) 1:03.94; 2. Kirsten Johnson (W); 3. Isabella Nadzam (E)

100 Breast: 1. Makayla Thieman (E) 1:08.75; 2. Paige Johnson (W); 3. Sydney Roche (E)

400 Free Relay: 1. Warren (Sophie Olson, Gabrielle Hahn, Katie Beyer, Paige Johnson) 4:01.55; 2. Erie; 3. Erie


Erie 76, Warren 73

200 Medley Relay: 1. Warren (Max Harrison, Connor Fehlman, Derek Hahn, Tommy Rice) 1:57.99; 2. Erie; 3. Warren

200 Free: 1. Isiah Cameron (E) 1:57.56; 2. Derek Hahn (W); 3. Tommy Rice (W)

200 IM: 1. Connor Fehlman (W) 2:26.01; 2. Nate Hanrahan (E)

50 Free: 1. William Swick (E) 24.50; 2. Cody Nikolai (E); 3. Caleb Rainbow (E)

100 Fly: 1. Derek Hahn (W) 59.19; 2. Nate Hanrahan (E); 3. Jarod Peterson (W)

100 Free: 1. Max Harrison (W) 52.72; 2. William Swick (E); 3. Cody Nikolai (E)

500 Free: 1. Darryn Keats (E) 6:32.43; 2. Caleb Rainbrow (E)

200 Free: 1. Erie (Nikolai, Swick, Hanrahan, Cameron) 1:39.98; 2. Warren; 3. Warren

100 Back: 1. Max Harrison (W) 58.87; 2. Isiah Cameron (E); 3. Darryn Keats (E)

100 Breast: 1. Connor Fehlman (W) 1:11.55; 2. Ethan Monroe (W); 3. Alex Thoma (E)

400 Free Relay: 1. Erie (William Swick, Darryn Keats, Cody Nikolai, Isiah Cameron) 3:58.12; 2. Warren


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