Warren’s Beyer breaks second school record of season; Lady Dragons top Erie High

Warren’s Katie Madigan completes a dive during a meet against Erie at the Warren County YMCA, Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. Madigan took first in the diving competition and the Lady Dragons topped the Lady Royals, 96-72.

Another school record was broken on a night where the Warren swim team earned a split with visiting Erie.

The Lady Dragons topped the Lady Royals, 96-72, while the Royals edged the Dragons, 76-68. Katie Beyer stole the show a bit as she broke the school record in the 100 backstroke. Beyer swam a 1:07.57 to break Ann Jablonowski’s 1993 record of 1:08.22.

“Every time she swims it seems like she’s getting faster and stronger,” Warren coach Russ Beyer said. “She’s really determined and works hard. When you look back at it, those names are etched in Warren’s history and she’s putting her name right up there with them. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

Coach Beyer said the work Katie put in during track and cross country is not only helping her physically, but mentally as well.

“She got a lot of confidence from track and cross country,” he said. “And it’s feeding into the swimming season.”

Warren's Katie Beyer broke the school record in the 100 backstroke on Monday.

Katie also picked up wins in the 200 IM and as part of the 200 medley relay team. Paige Johson won the 200 free and 100 breaststroke and was on the 200 medley relay as well. Gabrielle Hahn won the 50 free, while Rylie Yeager took first in the 400 free. Hahn was also on the 200 medley relay, as was Kirsten Johnson who was also part of the winning 200 free relay with Hahn, Alyssa Brook and Sophie Olson. Olson took first in the 100 free.

The Lady Dragons only sweep of the meet came off the diving board. Katie Madigan was first, Nina Clarke second and Morgan Poole third in the 1-meter diving competition.

“I attribute a lot of that to Adrienne (Barmore),” coach Beyer said. “She’s a very good coach who can break it down and knows how to teach. The kids come from a gymnastics background which helps them with the body control and they know how to land in the water. They make it look so easy because they’re all very athletic.”

Derek Hahn and Max Harrison were two-time individual winners for the Dragons. Hahn took first in the 200 IM and 100 butterfly, while Harrison won the 50 and 400 free. Both were part of the winning 200 medley relay team along with Connor Fehlman and Tommy Rice. Fehlman also won the 100 breaststroke, while Rice took first in the 1-meter diving.

“Tommy is that wild card,” Beyer said. “He’s fearless and has gotte a lot better.”

Warren’s Derek Hahn swims the backstroke as part of the 200 IM during a meet against Erie at the Warren County YMCA, Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. Hahn won the event, but the Dragons fell to the Royals.

The Warren swimmers will be back at it Thursday when Mercyhurst Prep comes to town.



Warren 96, Erie 72

200 medley relay: 1. Warren (Kirsten Johnson, Paige Johnson, Katie Beyer, Gabrielle Hahn), 2:17.40; 2. Erie; 3. Erie

200 freestyle: 1. Paige Johnson (W), 2:31.35; 2. Kirsten Johnson (W); 3. Kaylin Mentz (E)

200 IM: 1. Katie Beyer (W), 2:35.87; 2. Sophie Olson (W); 3. Isabella Nadzam (E)

50 freestyle: 1. Gabrielle Hahn (W), 29.32; 2. Anna Grychowski (E); 3. Sydney Roche (E)

Diving: 1. Katie Madigan (W), 207.20; 2. Nina Clarke (W); 3. Morgan Poole (W)

100 butterfly: 1. Julia DeRooy (E), 1:31.01

100 freestyle: 1. Sophie Olson (W), 1:10.52; 2. Mikaela Vahey (E); 3. Madison DiSanza (E)

400 freestyle: 1. Rylie Yeager (W), 6:33.08; 2. Kaylin Mentz (E); 3. Lillian Kasbee (E)

200 free relay: 1. Warren (K. Johnson, G. Hahn, Alyssa Book, S. Olson), 2:07.19; 2. Erie; 3. Erie

100 backstroke: 1. Katie Beyer (W), 1:07.57; 2. Kirsten Johnson (W); 3. Isabella Nadzam (E)

100 breaststroke: 1. Paige Johnson (W), 1:22.22; 2. Rylie Yeager (W); 3. Bronwyn Heisler (E)

400 free relay: 1. Erie, 4:50.36; 2. Warren; 3. Erie


Erie 76, Warren 68

200 medley relay: 1. Warren (Max Harrison, Connor Fehlman, Derek Hahn, Tommy Rice), 2:07.51; 2. Erie; 3. Warren

200 freestyle: 1. Isiah Cameron (E), 2:17.11; 2. Connor Fehlman (W); 3. Cody Nikolai (E)

200 IM: 1. Derek Hahn (W), 2:32.44; 2. Nate Hanrahan (E)

50 freestyle: 1. Max Harrision (W), 26.42; 2. William Swick (E); 3. Darryn Keats (E)

Diving: 1. Tommy Rice (W), 124.2

100 butterfly: 1. Derek Hahn (W), 1:04.5; 2. Nate Hanrahan (E)

100 freestyle: 1. William Swick (E), 1:00.54; 2. Cody Nikolai (E), Graham Carr (W)

400 freestyle: 1. Max Harrison (W), 4:43.85; 2. Caleb Rainbow (E)

200 free relay: 1. Erie, 2:08.92; 2. Warren

100 backstroke: 1. Isiah Cameron (E), 1:08.56; 2. Darryn Keats (E); 3. Graham Carr (W)

100 breaststroke: 1. Connor Fehlman (W), 1:20.02; 2. Alex Thomas (E)

400 free relay: 1. Erie, 4:14.98; 2. Warren


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