Little League returns to Warren County

After a seven-year absence, Little League baseball is returning to Warren County in 2020.

And yes, that means all-stars will be back as well. Little League and the Warren County Youth Baseball/Softball Association announced the new charter Monday.

“We’re officially back in Little League,” WCYBSA board president Jeremy Wyman said. “We’ve been trying for this for three years. We were able to obtain a single charter. It had been two in the past, but the numbers didn’t support it.”

The game on the field will be the same, but there are some big changes in the works.

“We’ve got some big plans,” Wyman said. “The biggest is a return to all-stars. We’ll be playing in Little League District 10 and moving on however far they make it after that.”

The organization will have some new look divisions in 2020 as well.

The plan is to have co-ed t-ball, a boys and girls training division with machine pitching, boys and girls minors with all-stars, girls majors, boys intermediate 50/70 (which is new to Little League), girls juniors and seniors softball and boys juniors and seniors baseball.

“We wanted to get more kids involved,” Wyman said. “Hopefully, we can bring a lot of the travel kids back. They can participate in both, but hopefully by offering a more competitive opportunity we can get a lot more kids back.”

Another change the league is considering is holding a mid-season team tournament at the Farm Colony Complex.

“It’s something different,” Wyman said. “We plan on holding some different events like a skills competition during the tournament too. Just something different to get the kids together and get some traffic up there.”

The league was able to get the lights back on at Betts-Jackson and Weidert fields and expects to use them more in the upcoming season.

Registration for the season is scheduled to begin Jan. 7 on the league website at www.wcybsa.org. The web address is the same as last year, but the site design will be new.

“The board is really excited,” Wyman said. “We’re looking forward to the season to see what joining back up with Little League brings us and how it helps the kids around the area.”


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