Eisenhower boys sweep first region race, girls split tri-meet

UNION CITY, Pa. – In the first region race of the season, Eisenhower cross country came away from the tri meet with Youngsville at Union City with three of four possible wins.

The boys swept the Eagles and Bears while the girls defeated Youngsville, but lost to Union City. The Eisenhower boys topped Youngsville, 18-43, and defeated Union City, 26-31. The Lady Knights defeated the Lady Eagles, 15-50, but fell to the Lady Bears, 18-41.

All three teams had to battle not just each other, but an unusally hot and humid day as well.

“I was pleased with the performances of our athletes,” Eisenhower coach Darlene Beach said. “It was hot and humid, so the times were a little off, but the kids gave their best. We’re pleased to get two wins in our first Region 4 race.”

“It was a hot day for a race, but at least the storms held off so we could get the races in,” Youngsville coach Adam Green added.

The boys race was neck-and-neck until the end, with Union City’s Austin Dolan eventually beating Eisenhower’s Alex Hummel to the finish line. Dolan finished in 18:39 for first, while Hummel came in second at 19:01.

“Hummel and Dolan battled for first place the majority of the course,” Beach said.

The Bears’ Myer was third at 19:19. The Knights’ Tyson Morrison was fourth at 20:12, just ahead of the Eagles’ Phoenix Lindell who came in fifth with 20:27. Jacob Williams (20:34) and Michael Abadie (21:09) were sixth and seventh, respectively, for the Knights while Matthew Cathcart (21:22) finished 10th to give Eisenhower five of the top-10 individual finishers.

“Morrison ran to a strong fourth place finish-just what we needed,” Beach said. “Williams stepped up big for us in sixth, as did Abadie who ran down two Union City runners in the final stretch. Cathcart keeps getting stronger every race.”

For the girls, Union City took three of the top-5 spots and six of 10 to run away with the win.

Andrea Myer set the pace for the Bears with a run of 22:49. Youngsville’s Julia Bojaczko, the Eagles’ sole female competitor, was second with a time of 23:47. Chloe Lasecki (25:16) took fifth to lead the Lady Knights, while Madison Cathcart (26:06) was seventh and Lindsay Finch (28:09) was ninth.

“Lasecki had a nice race,” Beach said.

Eisenhower is scheduled to host Seneca and North East Tuesday.

“I was happy with what they did today as a team and had some personal bests from last season, so a good start to the season,” Green said.

Youngsville will compete at the Bradford Invitational Saturday.

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Varsity boys

1. Austin Dolan-UC, 18:39

2. Alex Hummel-E, 19:01

3. L. Myer-UC, 19:19

4. Tyson Morrison-E, 20:12

5. Phoenix Lindell-Y, 20:27

6. Jacob Williams-E, 20:34

7. Michael Abadie-E, 21:09

8. Z. Beckwith-UC, 21:13

9. J. Araya-UC, 21:14

10. Matthew Cathcart-E, 21:22

Varsity girls

1. Andrea Myer-UC, 22:49

2. Julia Bojaczko-Y, 23:47

3. B. Reagle-UC, 24:14

4. S. Ward-UC, 24:48

5. Chole Lasecki-E, 25:16

6. G. Shrout-UC, 26:04

7. Madison Cathcart-E, 26:06

8. C. McGuire-UC, 27:23

9. Lidsay Finch-E, 28:09

10. A. Best-UC, 29:34

Junior high boys

1. Ryan Himrod-UC, 12:05

2. T. Parkhurst-UC, 12:06

3. Joseph Mistretta-E, 12:11

4. A. McGuire-UC, 12:13

5. Griffin Williams-E, 12:21

Junior high girls

1. A. Reagle-UC, 12:45

2. Alyssa Wismar-E, 13:38

3. Mackenzie Nichols-Y, 13:44

4. K. Wade-UC, 13:55

5. Peyton Kellogg-E, 16:17